Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday Morning Business - 12 July 2008

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Brent: Friends good morning. Welcome to closing business session. Take a moment for a time of silence and expectant waiting.

Friends for our devotional thought this morning most leaders know you lead with vision. We back up that vision with passion. Passion for where you want to go, passion for where you want to be. Leaders know that your message needs to be clear, it needs to be concise and well understood. It needs to be received. The message of Jesus is summarized with one verse. The essence of the message comes down to this john chapter 3 verse 16 for God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life. That is the message. Come and follow me. With all teachings with all the clarity all the passion it is clear come and follow me. May we pray.

Heavenly father on this beautiful day we know that just your grace is sufficient for all our needs. Just your grace. Lord you have chosen to bless us in so many ways in great abundance. Lord we thank you and praise you we are a grateful people. We thank you for being our Lord, teacher and savior. For the vision you have set before us. We thank you for the challenges. You forgive us when we … Lord may you always find us walking cheerfully and humbly acting just to those commandments. Spreading the good news that all come to know you in a personal way may not only have joy and comfort of this life but life everlasting. … Lord we thank you for we ask you to speak to every condition we bear. As we depart and go forward into a world to spread the good news may your mercy and grace help us all. Thank you we praise you in Christ’s name amen.

Again good morning and welcome to everyone for closing business session of Triennial gathering. Several items on agenda. You can add a few more items to the agenda. We will begin with a couple of announcements. This business and may we do so from spirit of worship. If you presented traveling minutes those are signed and ready to pick up at head table. Secondly someone left black cell phone at holiday inn beside computer you may pick it up there. Ben and Jody asked me to announce there were questions they are returning to Kenya for another year. So if any doubts about that they will be going back to Kenya as principals of Friends Theological College for another year. Also we have an invitation I want to share part with you from new England Yearly Meeting … social concerns committee … smith and west port in response to spring visit Sylvia Graves extend visit to … especially those in farming community visit coastal mass in fall of year. Oldest meeting can arrange visit to Boston we welcome friends housing provided and tour guides we appreciate this invitation. We have copies at the front desk.

We have a couple of reports that need to come before us. We will begin with Kaimosi hospital task force … chairman will present that report.

Good morning friends. Last couple of days we have heard from field staff and missionaries. Lot of passion now you will have a different kind of person. Task force member. … talking about the Kaimosi hospital little history about it. Forgive me if I talk but a little background. Think about this hospital started in 1911 in Kenya and it sits on 1158 acres of land the Kaimosi mission compound. Probably about 28 acres is hospital. Earlier years hospital was shining start in this part of Kenya. Place people wanted to go to. At some point in time property was turned over to east Africa Yearly Meeting over years hospital declined and fell into disrepair. Patient numbers drastically declined. Friends from east Africa Yearly Meeting began to discuss how to address situation. Officially in April of 2004 east Africa official invited Friends United Meeting to take over oversight of hospital to see if it could be saved. … global ministry director submitted proposal to general board to oversee hospital. … it took until January of 2006 for memo of understanding to be developed and signed by both parties transferring responsibility. This was memo… January 2006 to January of 2008 it was planned that Friends United Meeting would have opportunity to evaluate situation and understand really understand if they could go forward. New hospital board of governors was appointed by Friends United Meeting and began working with hospital administration. They understood that at least one problem was hospital was underfunded. Funds from Friends United Meeting would be needed but … other than paying traveling expenses for board of governors. That did not address operating deficits. By 2007 it was realized that hope for progress was not being accomplished at July 2007 board meeting board discussed various problems encountered and decided to appoint Kaimosi hospital task force. … members Paul smith Sylvia Graves … Terri johns and general board members Jerry Farlow and … and myself. General charge given was ask gather more information and make recommendations before the document expired in 2008. Soon became apparent hospital administration was significant part of problem. His termination was recommended and they took that action. They began looking for new administrator. Soon became apparent that board of governors we appointed was not adequate for the task. … make judgment if Friends United Meeting should provide oversight. General board created new memo of understanding… that body approved proposed language for revised and provide more detail for responsibilities for Friends United Meeting and … also $50,000 of proposed two year term. … it was also approved to replace existing hospital board of governors. The general board session at that meeting task force reported following items. 1 new board formed and meets on regular basis minutes shared with Kaimosi task force. Efforts to improve organizational structure and reputation of hospital. #2 considerable work completed on long term plan for hospital. Have to have plan to all move in same direction. #3 board approved balance operating budget for 2008-2009 year includes annual subsidy of …. Budget is substantial fiscal improvement. #4 new hospital administrator hired John … is expected to join staff in mid July has impressive background as administrator of hospital in Nairobi. … #5 all earlier funds collected for roof repairs came to and been sent to improve the physical functionality of a portion of hospital more funds needs about … to bring hospital back to good condition. Reports indicate … plus significant improvement in employee morale and result in a substantial increase in outpatients and inpatients. This means renovation to main building … while those things have been accomplished we may … two things particularly we talked about .. memo 2 memo of understanding the agreement on that has not been reached. … in April of this year they met and were given understanding that agreement would be accepted and sent back by mid may that has not occurred. Just last week some proposed changes are being sent to us by east Africa. Financial information task force continues to receive regular income and expense statements from hospital not received accounts payable or invoice reports… Friends United Meeting finds itself in awkward position agreements we signed to oversee hospital .. but Friends United Meetings involvement in the hospital and substantial improvements have been achieved. Also due to great financial subsidies sent to the hospital. Currently goal is monthly $2000 adopt a nurse program $2500 to other hospital expenses and $... for past hospital employee salaries not paid. Trying to reduce that. First it is not about the good work being done at the hospital Eden Grace and John Muhanji can talk about that better than I can. … we need you to continue contributions for adopt a nurse program general hospital expenses…. I think western Yearly Meeting gave ….. $30,000 and … finally I ask you keep annual staff in your prayers. Additional responsibility added to them with hospital oversight.

Brent: Thank you Norman.

Thank you for the very clear and factual report. Eh came before general board earlier this week approval given to task force to continue on present course and funding to stay in place. Friends have any comments or questions. At this time David …

David: I’m the board member Kaimosi hospital. I want to emphasize a few things. Hospital run down between 1990 and 1997 when taken over by Kenyan government and they handed back to east Africa as a disaster. We are trying to rectify not done by Kenyan friends but by the Kenyan government. I want to say that the changes in the hospital in the last year and four or five months are totally miraculous. My wife and I went there in April of 2007 the hospital was dirty, staff morale was very low. There were almost no outpatients. maternity ward had one person in it a retarded lady had a baby they didn’t have anywhere to send her. Other wards had very few patients. Now it was said there was substantial help by Friends United Meeting of $50,000 that is much appreciated but note operating budget of hospital is about 1 million so $50,000 is very welcome but it is only a small part of the running of the hospital. I was at board meeting in June right before coming to USA and changes were miraculous in waiting room a seminar was going on as part of HIV comprehensive care center being started at hospital. Patients waiting outpatients waiting there were people waiting for pharmacy at least 8-10 women in maternity with babies. And then other wards of hospital had formerly been less than 10% now had at least 10-15 patients and … I just wanted to give you more on the ground kind of report. Thanks.

Brent: Thank you David and thank you for your hard work serving on the board. Any other comments.

Norman thank you for again for the hard work you do on that huge project. I want to ask you friends do you accept report from Kaimosi hospital …

Now Sylvia Graves report from … exploration committee Belize .

Sylvia Graves: You heard extensive report from Cains and PowerPoint the developments and potential to move forward as staff I have felt important to get affirmation from you to move forward in planning we are at a juncture where we could possibility if we feel we can’t handle work in Belize stop now between transition of Cains and what comes next. Or if you are behind them and want to move forward. If we feel improve continuation school, plant a church, establish presence of friends in Belize I need your affirmation to dot hat. That’s what I’m asking for.

Brent: You’ve heard report you know situation Cains retire at end of year you know work of boys school and dreams of further work there. To proceed Sylvia Graves asks to hear your voice of support to proceed in that direction. Any comments or questions.

Please come to microphone.

Mary Lloyd: Not entirely clear to me what I’m being asked to approve in that the scale of the dream where are we financial are we able to take on a building project of this scope and how does that affect. What am I being asked to approve.

Sylvia Graves: there are funds in reserve to do this ministry we are asking approval to raise funds to continue this ministry. We know we loaded you with much opportunity Friends United Meeting has ahead of it. I asked Mike and Kay tough question if we don’t continue in Belize who cares. I wonder if you care.

Brent: That’s the question. Friends wish to speak.

I’m from New Hope friends meeting in … we sent 3 men to work in Belize and currently our Quaker men send money each month for this mission I feel like it is a worthwhile project and I would like for us to continue to support this because we feel it is good mission work.

Brent: Thank you.

Rich: Rich from Baltimore Yearly Meeting and on general board trustee the general board has considered this as a specific investment and we are … additional information to see what this will look like. So I too wonder what it is that we are being asked to approve here if we are being asked to approve in principle to consider this because we want presence in Belize I am comfortable with that. If this is approval to move forward with undefined project to commit to file ASHA grant for high school that seems beyond information we have available now. I think if this is approval in principle to consider this and look at value of presence in Belize which I think … I am comfortable with that.

Brent: And replace the Cains we know the board will need more information we have priorities for new projects to be approved by general board. So this is along the lines of principle and we continue programs as we currently do, not overriding approval for project.

*I think Rich spoke my mind. I think from my having been to Belize a couple of times I appreciate Mike and Kay Cain for keeping that program going. I think big mistake to drop the program. I think we have good program there that can certainly go up to another level and I really encouraged there is talk seriousness of establishing church so I think there are some really good things just waiting to happen in Belize and I strongly encourage Friends United Meeting to look at that as positive thing and not to look beyond that at this time we have work there that needs to continue. … program potential here to improve on that. The efforts to start Quaker church in Belize …

Brent: THANK YOU. Every good project … I think the request is to ask for approval to continue … often the project …

*Ask do we care. I’m treasurer… so I look for more information how widespread is that caring … the checks that come through. Last fall when request that they needed textbooks, supplies materials we put that as fall project and response I felt was more than anticipated. So you ask if we care about Belize yes we do.

Brent: Thank you very much.

Marian Baker: Our theme this time is on hope and the future. And it seems to me we really need to spend time in prayer to see how each of us are called in whatever ministry how to encourage the younger people among us to consider they don’t have to go to Africa but Jamaica… Belize… to look at our own call of ministry whatever form that takes and not spend all time … we are dying out and feeling overwhelmed but let’s spend some time finding ways to wake up all of us whether Kenyans making use of Kenyans to … or encourage ministry in Jamaica. Look beyond the box.

Brent: Thank you Mary. Others wish to comment.

Dale you’ve been there.

Dale: I would like to offer a viewpoint you may not have heard. Yes I have been to Belize and kind of fell in love with the place and came home and dreamed about it every night for a week. I want the viewpoint it’s a fertile place where friends testimonies can really play a role. And I’m convinced if we go there and start worship group and begin to teach Belizeans about friends testimonies and within two or three… Belize will send … to us.

Karen: I think one thing we need to remember is those young men perhaps young women who we could serve in the future. It’s their hope and their future.

Brent: I sense there is more than just moderate support for our mission work in Belize. There is good strong support among you. Those who have spoken … question is do we care and will be support continued mission work in Belize. Additional information will come to you are programs are developed. Do you approved continued support of mission work in Belize.


Brent: Thank you very much. Our work in Cuba has been mentioned a little. A friend has written something I will read.
Cuba Yearly Meeting hosted Friends United Meeting work team in February of 2008 … destination same next year as Cuba completes … anticipate time when Cuba friends can travel to visit … included in minutes of this gathering. Thank you.

John has asked for a few moments to share.

John: Good morning. Friends. At this point I just wanted to say a few things as far as our ministry is concerned. This is second Triennial I am attending we are attending as African ministry first was in DesMoines in 2005 when we had just been inaugurated into office just been given office to begin exploring … and I stand here to give … and say what God has been able to do for last 3 years since we began the work through AMO. Some of you may … volunteer field staff talked of what they experienced. … work together in the office but I just wanted to say the AMO which is the biggest number of people biggest population of Quakers challenge of reaching out and seeing the work is realized in Africa. I just wanted to give appreciation to you friends who have been supporting this ministry. Our office has been very much involved in … our leaders Yearly Meeting leaders … in Uganda, Tanzania, ensuring that we are talking about Belize is to grow in Africa. Not just to remain stagnant. What I want to say briefly up to this point we have done it was and is still best gift given to Africa by opening this office. The AMO office is potential among Africans to work with goal of realizing the mission of Friends United Meeting. I’m here as witness this Triennial 2008 as a witness in 2005 I was given the responsibility was a big challenge. He took an early retirement and we had big argument with him why he retired when I came to office. God works his miracles. Ben found himself in Kaimosi. Ben was … now he’s working in AMO that’s … the ministry of AMO is growing and growing bigger than we expected. I just wanted to say we have been able to put various committees geared to improve performance of the work in Africa in all fields. Last year selection you heard about it was change in our ministry our plans were changed completely. What we planned to do is not what we ended up doing. It changed completely and we found ourselves amidst confusion in the storm where we needed rescue we needed Christ to walk on water to come where we were. We have various committees at this point which I believe will help us first education committee I believe in prevention than curing. Better to prevent issue than to cure. We are trying to help solve problem of this. But if we had actively prevented it would be better than what we do now. Education program in place is to see that we have almost 1000 … from Grade 1 to grade 8 and 200 high school from grades 9-10. Students … we believe that is biggest … where we can therefore education program is to work together and … the peace program in school and we encourage friends … from this areas to work with us in improving and implementing this program of education. Many students exchange program of students teachers to have this type of exchange program as we work on peace program … introducing . government has given us opportunity to give and teach other values in our school. We are taking opportunity when it is still strong. It is available today we want to use the opportunity. We will not have this problem … the riot was instigated by people mostly young people … therefore education program is … you can come work with us in this process.
Committee of development, which make and reach Africans … and the church at large in African context. It is good approach to the African churches working together. It helps them as we … friends from here it … the development program rather than being a one sided approach but from both sides. The problem capital improvement program has been very good. We gave out five year … and yearly that received this appreciated it so much capital improvement program and I believe … if you are … if you received any funds from capital improvement funds. This is Elgon East, … thank God at least we have 3 that received. It really brings up what … they have some cash they have … they are putting in and working together … we have the … health care ministry in … which is established by Quaker … very volatile area again area people have been insecure in that area but that small health care has helped so much. We have small health care agencies the church has been involved in. outreach ministry is very active in Kenya. Uganda … it is really we are working hard to strengthen that Yearly Meeting and it is growing strong now. There are 2 we are bringing that meeting to a level … Uganda … which requires people. We have carried out missions in Congo. It is another deep forest area. We have some in Congo called pygmies they have not been reached….. I believe our mission here friends here … place call upon you to step and … as we step out to Congo and … Pygmies. Tanzania is another area, big country. It is twice as large as Kenya. We have mission that is open in Tanzania we are really working close to see that mission grows. We have another part of Tanzania. It is … are just people are yearning to have them. People are they want it when we talk about it in Tanzania they are joining the church with no incentive. The incentive is the Quaker values. The integrity and sharing the good news of love. They just come. They have opened another meeting already. Just sharing the good value of Christ. So it is moving… they have 2 meetings in Tanzania. Let the word of God go … just because we don’t have the money to go if God has said let it go it will go. Therefore if you feel the passion to join in ministry of serving Friends United Meeting is open. … to see the word is spread to various places. I feel so encouraged to see we are carrying out this process that we are working. We have Yearly Meeting in Kenya … when running Yearly Meeting in Eastern Africa they had a farm 300 acres turned into farmers training center. Training how to … become more secure. But after some time that land has been lying idle with nothing at all. Recently we had visitor challenge us to … to maximize the use of the farm. They have come up with plan to maximize day farming, fish farming, etc. who may work together farmers who may be interested in … corn growing and fish farming invite your friends to come and do that mission work through that farm. It is a mission I see that will come out to help our ministry and work in the region. Last I want to say thank you so much for support you have given to African ministry. And for prayers you have given and many prayers we received when we violence broke loose in Kenya and the prayers thank you for … thank you for prayers from many of you you responded by praying for Kenya. We need more prayers it is not yet over. To Kenya. For peace. … for the activities we are talking about. The support we appreciate a thousand times. Never give up. Never feel you are … but feel the passion to work in ministry even at Friends Theological College it is growing. Only Quaker pastor training college in Africa. Nowhere else you will find this. Thank you for … we are getting 3 people from Tanzania to come Friends Theological College this year and 2 from Congo to train as pastors and go back and carry out ministry we are grateful for this. Let us pray God continues to inspire Friends United Meeting I feel proud to be in this ministry. May God bless you.


Brent: Thank you John for your faithful leadership there. Do we have report from John Norris treasurer.

John: I … I never get tired.

I want you to know I never count the money I don’t write the checks and I don’t keep the books so you know you are in good hands. As treasurer I sit on executive committee finance committee and trustee group… so I have my … I do see reports that come from by email as they come. I think we have some misunderstanding how accounting is from Friends United Meeting. I want you to know we really do have two sets of books.


You can look at them you just have to find them.

I’m really giving you confidence here. General funds and restricted funds. You’ve heard about this. General fund is books we keep operation for Friends United Meeting office, staff, office and staff in Africa and that is John Muhanji not Eden Grace she is field staff. That’s the general fund. It starts and stops fiscal year ends June 30th. … so that’s the one funds. Other restricted funds. Bunch of funds. Maybe 150 or 200 how many projects. How many funds might be in restricted funds. Fund accounting is ongoing. Never ends. We start where we left off last year. Year’s over we go forward with minus or plus in account. Those are 2 funds we have. Field staff is in restricted funds. Their funds are ongoing they are responsible for own support. They may end in plus or minus or start year in plus or minus. Some suffered this year because value of dollar decreased. We do pay field staff every payday not sure … they get paid whether account is in plus or minus. They do get salary. Some other funds we don’t send money unless we have it. We do make sure field staff can eat. Thought you might like to know that. We have … from year 2006 to 2007 fairly recent audit. Takes a little time to get all figures done. Numbers of Africa and all program we do. Anyone wants to see that I have with me and you can look at it. They tell us we have increase in assets that is … increase in cash. That lets us know we are living within budget.

This year we also stayed in budget. Our year ended 6/30 just a few days ago. We don’t have numbers hard numbers from office. General fund at that time had balance income $94,000 we were $1.98 positive on the budge. We were working in the budget. See how this goes. Looks like year will be positive. Total income was $842,000 for 11 month period close to projected. I think last month will bring on budget. About $500,000 came from Yearly Meeting, monthly meeting and individuals. Restricted funds have fairly accurate figure of received money that was $1,000,056. That was what was received for 11 months. We have budget to be approved for general fund $902,000 just close to last year figures. And restricted fund asking budget about $1,115,000 close to last year asking. We are trying to stay close in figures. The projects we are into we could spend more money if we had it. Could make use of it. So I think that concludes my report.

Brent: thank you. Let’s see assets has increased funds have increased and our audit that was on audit we are operating within means. Thank you.

I think we are $1 to the good. Friends any comments or questions. Approve acceptance of report from treasurer.
Thank you very much.

We have a piece of unfinished business from general board meeting. … consideration of restricted asking budget for 2008 general board needs more time to look over asking budget for 2009 in summary budget we operated under in 2008 totaled $1,117,000 the requested budget for 2009 is for $1,116,000. Difference of about 1600 less. Members of general board have questions about this.?

Hearing none and our finance director has received no questions would friends approve restricted asking budget of 2009 in amount of $1,116,000 for information general board approved 2009 asking budget for general fund. Let me give you that # for your information. General fund budget approved was $901,720.00 slightly increased from 2008 asking budget which totaled $891,453.00 so it’s up $10,000 over last year. Thank you very much.

Sticking with finances. Kim director of development will make presentation on annual fund campaign.

Kim:…. Will help me ….. first I want to talk about auction I told everyone bidding closed at 10 am. It has closed and I want to thank friends who came down and bid on items. Because our field staff will directly benefit from your generosity. It is really about taking care of field staff making sure they have what they need. Nativity set which was brought by Joyce will benefit her field staff account. Bidder #8 will receive that for $600.00.


And the Cains had several items they brought with them so next items will go to benefit Cains account. First of all the lovely desk set and bidder #2 will receive that for $250.00


The coaster set also to benefit Cains account bidder #6 for $100.


The cutting board one will go to bidder #7 at $225 and one bidder #2 for $225.

Last was items hand carved vase bidder 1 for … and last item auction was beautiful quilt which will benefit account for Eden Grace ministry and that is bidder 2 $900.


Terri: Now moving on to general fund campaign I won’t ask for money so you can just hear about what we did last year and what we plan for this year. You can start the thing the PowerPoint.

Last year theme was united yes and if you can’t read our shirts it is right here all over our shirts. Staff wanted you to know that in midst of vast diversity of Yearly Meeting we believe much unites us we wanted to get that message out. Last year focus was on staff so that you would have opportunity to get to know us. And this was the flier we sent out and in there had different pictures of staff then we sent these cards we talked about yesterday they were about each member of staff so you would have professional side and personal side for each staff so you could connect with staff professionally and personally.

We started to talk about this year’s campaign and remember … we wanted to move on within theme of united yes and we started to think about what Friends United Meeting was all about and we feel strongly Friends United Meeting is going places and everyone here is moving in that direction and moving requires feet most of the time. So our theme this year is around feet. And that we think we will stand for friends energizing and equipping together. We know how friends love to do that and we want to be about the doing. In talking about the things from Friends United Meeting office we want to connect with you we want to talk about doing words growing, communicating, educating, energizing, we want to invite all of you to the party connect. When you get mail from us open it and consider it, if you choose to act yes then if you choose not to then please pass it on to someone else. Open the mail.

Terri: Just because you have grown to expect …

Something extra. Are we united yes.

(forming yes)


Brent: Thank you ladies.

I will ask can we accept this report and give support to strong annual campaign.



Let’s get behind our annual campaign.

Thank you.

Friends we have received invitation to host 2011 Triennial gathering Lois…

Lois is representative of Wilmington Yearly Meeting so she will make that invitation to you.

Lois: How many had a great time this week. I will start with history lesson. At end of revolutionary war USA congress in Philadelphia had important decisions to make. One was how to treat new territory north and west of Ohio river. After much discussion it was decided there would be no slavery in northwest territory. This led many Quakers to act on belief that there is God in every person and therefore wrong to own slaves. They packed up and headed north and west. And the lure of good farm land didn’t deter them. Many of these pioneers settled southwest Ohio. Originally they were part of Baltimore Yearly Meeting then Indiana Yearly Meeting and then Wilmington Yearly Meeting was established in … these early Quaker started monthly meetings, schools developed town and … college was founded in 1875 several years before establishment of Wilmington Yearly Meeting. Wilmington college is now home peace resource center which houses historic … collection as well as doing much education on peace and ways to accomplish it. Peace center sponsored each year annual … peace symposium made possible by endowment of former trustee who was not Quaker. Another non Quaker trustee left gift to college to be used an maintained a Quaker heritage center. It now serves as museum as well as gathering place for Quaker thought and discussion. During 1800s Quakers in southwest Ohio and east TN became active in underground railroad. Many houses and farms were safe houses along path to freedom in Canada. … visited president Lincoln they were instrumental getting him to issue emancipation proclamation. This week we bask in hospitality of NC Yearly Meeting and for this we offer gratitude. Thank you. You have been there to meet our every need.


Several years ago I served on … conference board and I attended meeting lady from western Yearly Meeting Quaker gatherings are family reunions. We meet visit with friends do a little business and go home. Next Friends United Meeting Triennial next Friends United Meeting family reunion it is with pleasure that friends in east TN and southwest Ohio invite you to our part of the world to be part of the 2011 gathering of Friends United Meeting Triennial session. Come visit explore some of our rich history. Witness the living Christ in the lives of people in southwest Ohio today. Fellowship with brothers and sisters from around the world as we get to know our family members better. In Christian love Wilmington Yearly Meeting Lois …


Brent: Thank you Lois general board received invitation at February meeting and on recommendation of general board do you accept invitation to hold Triennial in Wilmington. Thank you very much.

Wayne Carter will give report on behalf of nominating committee.

Wayne: again we look forward as we consider appointment of leadership for next Triennial. Nominating committee made up representatives from each Yearly Meeting spent several sessions we won’t brag they spent 9 sessions 3 years ago we won’t say how many sessions but we worked shared and struggled reviewed needs and gifts of friends and prayed and waited upon the Lord and out of that following recommendations.

1 reading clerk has not been called into service for last several session so we suggest consideration be given to delete this office. If needed reading clerk could be appointed at beginning of session.

2 for trustees of Friends United Meeting first full 3 year term after completing unexpired terms Steve Ross of New York Yearly Meeting Clifford Winslow of NC Yearly Meeting for second 3 year term Norman Connell of western Yearly Meeting and Richard Liversidge of Baltimore Yearly Meeting that makes 6 year term appointments of 4 trustees Steve Ross, Clifford Winslow, Norman Connell and Richard L. to fill unexpired terms of … James Cradler and Michael Fulp .

3 for treasurer Friends United Meeting second term for John Norris of Indiana Yearly Meeting.

For recording clerk north America Carol Holmes of New York Yearly Meeting for recording clerk Eastern Africa James Mugalavai of EAYM … North.

5 for presiding clerk and asst presiding clerk Triennial nominating committee unable to recommend presiding clerk for have friends giving it consideration and needing time for clearance. Hold off recommending until we have presiding clerk desiring to balance these gifts in ministry therefore Triennial nominating committee willing to continue to serve until fall 2008 general board meeting if this session approves. Expecting to have recommendation at that time for both positions. And then we recommend that Gary Farlow current asst presiding clerk be appointed as interim presiding clerk to serve until and convene fall general meeting of board. In addition Triennial nominating committee makes recommendations.

1 general board consider changing name designations of recording clerk and asst recoding clerk to recording clerk north American and recording clerk Eastern Africa this will give us … to further commitment to global partnership research implications possible for FUM to legally appoint non us citizen as trustee this has legal implications we are not aware of need to research particular regarding ASHA grants. If they require all be US citizens. General board suggest they take initiate to inquire about that.

3 arrangements be made for Triennial nominating committee begin work prior to next Triennial session. This may mean appointing yearly meeting representative 6 months earlier. These are our recommendations.

Brent: Thank you very much. You heard report. More complex than has been sometimes. Let’s start consideration on whole report. Any questions or comments.

Will: I propose rather than saying I think idea of Triennial nominating committee starting before is admirable rather than saying Yearly Meeting should make nominating 6 months in advance most meet over summer we should invite them to make nominating summer before Triennial so they can make nominating in regular session.

Brent: Excellent suggestion Will.

Deana: I want to thank you nominating committee for considering that we are trying to be global friends united meeting. It touches me that you took into consideration African friends.

Brent: Thank you Deana.

Everything will be amended from report as well as will’s suggestion.

Rich: Wayne could you clarify the 4 trustees offered for reappointment to terms. I think you said 3 year terms.

Wayne; 6 year terms. Trustees appointed for 6 year terms eligible for reappointment sorry if I misspoke. Eligible for reappointment 2 vacancies. Not sure whether because of death or resignation in the one group. First group expired at this session so we recommend that general board already approved Steve Ross and Clifford Winslow to fill unexpired terms. We recommend they now be appointed for 6 year term. And that Norman Connell and Richard Liversidge be reappointed they have served 6 year term and would be reappointed apologize for my mistake.

Brent: Thank you.

Ruth: I’m half afraid to open mouth without having list of the other trustees in front of me is there any way those names can be read off particular curious to see if there are any women.

Wayne; I have those names in my case. I didn’t bring them there is one woman Betsy … is there a second I think only one.

Brent: Norman indicates there is one.

Any trustees recall the names of other 3 trustees.

Rich: The trustees terms continuing Fred Allen, Don Garner and Betsy Munch she is New England Yearly Meeting member and CPA.

Wayne; … and Don is Indiana Yearly Meeting.

Rich: Clifford Winslow is NC.

Wayne: Representation is broad across. Southeastern and Wilmington most other are represented.

Brent: Are friends ready to approve report from nominating committee for these officers to serve official capacities.


That includes approval for items for further recommendation.

Wayne; Thank you.

Brent: Approval of administrative staff for upcoming Triennial period is requirement of this Triennial gathering. Due to the … to stay within financial means we have one administrative position. On recommendation of general board it was recommended Sylvia Graves serve as general secretary for Friends United Meeting for upcoming Triennial. Any comments.

I don’t think that was necessary. Maybe welcome her back with round of (applause).


Thank you friends.

*I would just like to speak to that very action and why that is one of the reasons one of the many reasons why it is such a blessing to have Sylvia Graves as our general secretary our beloved leader. Because Sylvia Graves knows how to function in a proper role. She excuses herself when time to discuss her position among us. Thank you Sylvia Graves so much. Thank you again for your service.

Brent: Thank you.

*as a student of John Punshon he has taught us there is no such thing as a proud Quaker but I am proud to have Sylvia Graves represent us.

Brent: Thank you.

Moving on to next item on agenda message committee.

M: Friends I could never have done it alone. I want to say message committee was 6 people from very disparate Yearly Meeting I want everyone to stand. Chadrac … Doug Shoemaker Indiana , CG white and … from Great Plaines. I’m from New England Yearly Meeting.

For future I hope there are more groups like this huddled together striving to find what really is message to friends around the world. Among beautiful garden like setting of High Point NC. About 500 friends from 33 Yearly Meeting and Quaker bodies met for July 9-13 2008 Friends United Meeting Triennial. We were blessed to have attendees from every Yearly Meeting in North America and representatives from Caribbean, Rwanda, Britain and 9 Yearly Meeting in East Africa. Feel thankful for strong Kenyan presence along strong immigration prevented some and prevented Cubans.
… hope she has for future of um was visibly by hundreds of bright balloons given to friends one by one symbolizing hopes tied to boxes to life up various ministries. Landrum Bollings president emeritus presented peace lecture powerfully reminded us peace testimony arising from teachings of Jesus Christ is not sole possession of Quakers. We heard stories of peacemakers witnessing often as great personal cost. Important not to give up hope. John Punshon presented Johnson lecture and had message of hope new hope in quality of pastors in Friends United Meeting. Rich faith of friends in Eastern Africa and Latin American. Global partnership calls for new mindset shift from patronizing to mutuality where once north American friends viewed role of … new role changing to worldwide partnering with friends. Blessed with international ministry with friends. … that is something that we are expecting to happen. Morning devotional speakers Tom Hamm, John Muhanji and Joseph M. set tone for the day. Many friends found daily worship sharing groups to be source of enrichment. And workshop on variety of topics provided lively discussion. Recent years Friends United Meeting struggles with issues such as religious authority and sexuality… etc. renewed commitment to operate in fiscally responsible manner has nearly eliminated past debt. Friends United Meeting has significantly scaled back central office staff and has had to choose carefully how to best use limited resources. Support provided by member Yearly Meeting was … you were challenged by John Muhanji to contribute to Friends United Meeting with radical generosity. Mission of Friends United Meeting crucial for future of those we serve around the world. Heartfelt testimony of volunteer and field staff… hope as the gathered sensed God speaking through their words and their lives. As we look forward to next triennial we find guidance in words of George Fox have the Lord in your eye in all undertakings let your lives be as the gospel so you may answer the light and the truth in all people do not strive about outward things love of God will unite you together seek each others welfare and be helpful one to another. 1676 friends …

Brent: friends any comments on … thank you.

*I think Rwanda should be deleted and replaced with Burundi.

Brent: Any other comments. Do friends approve this message from message committee 2008 Triennial.

Thank you so much. Wide distribution of that message.

Approved with thanks and deep appreciation.

M> Is this going on the website.

Thanks for putting it up there remember the computer is mightier than the sword.

Brent: Actually everything you see on the screen will go on the blog later.

Occasionally we get wonderful opportunity to welcome a new member into family of friends this is one of those grand occasions. Having fulfilled all requirements for full membership Friends United Meeting and approved by general board our pleasure to welcome … Yearly Meeting as newest … Sylvia Graves and I visited with Yearly Meeting officers earlier this year we found this Yearly Meeting to be extremely well organized with positions of leadership filled beginning with … .who is in our presence they has office offices fully filled. They have gathering of Chwele office staff general secretary … superintendent and office secretary Phyllis … they have other board officials serving on planning committee, mission committee, finance, committee and … they have 81 village meeting s 24 monthly meeting 8 quarterly meeting with membership almost 12,000. They have 8 trained pastors and total pastors and evangelists … 31 primary schools 31 nursery schools 11 secondary school and dispensaries and maternity hospital. Our pleasure to welcome Chwele Yearly Meeting into members and Joseph if you will please come forward.

My pleasure to present to Chwele Yearly Meeting in Kenya are recognized as full member 7th month 9-12 days 2008.


Joseph: Friends I’m don’t know what to say but I’m extremely happy to be among you. Specifically to have received this on behalf of my Yearly Meeting. I’m specifically grateful to the general secretary who made it possible for me to come to this Triennial conference. Had it not been for them I would not have been here. I’m extremely happy that I’m carrying something back to my people to believe that I reached and participated.


Thank you so much.


Brent: As we near end of business session I ask John Porter superintendent of NC Yearly Meeting to please come forward we have enjoyed our time together. Lot of hard work has gone into preparations for this gathering. On behalf of Friends United Meeting John it’s my privilege and honor to present to you this plaque of appreciation expressed NC Yearly Meeting staff and volunteer for serving planning and hosting Triennial 2008 presented this 12th day 7th month 2008.


Brent: At this time I would like Kelly Kellum pastor of High Point Friends Meeting to come forward.

Kelly it goes without saying you have a beautiful campus but more than that warm welcome sincere atmosphere among us we are so thankful to you and friends at High Point Friends Meeting. On behalf of Friends United Meeting sincere and grateful appreciated expressed to High Point Friends Meeting for hosting and use of beautiful facilities. Thank you for commitment and support which has provided memorial experience this day.


Viola Britt please come forward.

Viola accepted this request and has been meeting monthly for 2 years. She has had about 40 volunteer on Saturdays untold hours of work gone to prepare for this meeting. Sincere and grateful appreciation expressed for work to prepare for this Triennial. Thank you for your work you made this memorial and rich experience presented on this day.


Sylvia Graves: I have a couple of men I want to honor also. One is my husband Dale Graves.


It has been wonderful traveling … as we checked into hotel and said we would be here for 8 nights. We haven’t slept the same bed 8 nights in a row for … commuting from Plainfield to Richmond … as you know we appreciate Brent for his years of service. When I announced to Kenyans at board meeting there that this would be last meeting Brent would preside they asked me to come back to you and ask you continue. He is appreciated everywhere among friends. We appreciate him too I have a plaque for him a photo of giraffe.


Brent: Friends thank you very much. Honor to serve as presiding clerk for these years. I have been inspired by many of friends who I am close with. There are 3 people here I want to recognize who have served as … clerk and been inspiration to me. Dan Farlow he served as presiding clerk, Clifford Winslow and Wayne Carter would you rise. He served in 1990s. any others. Is Sarah here. Wonderful Sarah Wilson served 1990-1993 I think. Please give them round of applause.


Friends at this time I would like to have memorial service program of those that have passed on been called on has been circulated for you.

… if she would come and give introduction and then we will have a time of silence as we reflect on lives of those who have contributed so much listed in the memorial book.

Linda: I was asked to share a song today. Many of you are here because of friends who were faithful to our Lord Jesus Christ who … the family of friends and communion of the leaders. Some have lost friends to violence or death. We can trust in words of Christ that have gone ahead and he has prepared a place for you. No words can express it is our hope and future as religious society of friends …

(music playing)

Why should I feel discouraged
Why should the shadows fall
Why should my … be lonely
When Jesus is my portion
My constant friend is he
His eye is on the sparrow
And I know he watches me
His eye is on the sparrow
And I know he watches me

I sing because I’m happy
I sing because I’m free
His eye is on the sparrow
And I know he watches me

Let not your heart be troubled

I lose my doubt and fears
Though … he leaded

His eye is on the sparrow
And I know he watches me
His eye is on the sparrow
And I know he watches me

I sing because I’m happy
I sing because I’m free
His eye is on the sparrow
And I know he watches me

Whenever I am tempted
Whenever …
When …

And then he sets me free
His eye is on the sparrow
And I know he cares for me
His eye is on the sparrow
And I know he cares for me

So I sing because I’m happy
And I sing because I’m free
For his eye is on the sparrow
And I know he watches me
Oh his eye is on the sparrow
And I know he watches me.

Brent: Closing minute for 2008 Triennial business session almighty God has answered our prayers. As friends return to their homes may the joys of peace, fellowship, good works, hopes, and prosperous futures be shared with many other friends and may … until we meet again. Heavenly father as we go in peace may you find us walking cheerfully in the life of Christ amen.

Sylvia Graves: May I have a moment. Thank you.

Just a couple of things we need to take care of one minor but one so important. A Kenyan friend needs to charge her phone if you have Nokia charger with small pin. We have had cheerful time this week but not trying to cover deep wounds and terrible sorrow still among some members especially Kenyan friends. There will be a healing 3 pm today focus of healing for Kenyans come 3 pm white room near the chapel for time of healing. Ok. Do you want to add anything to this.

Thank you I would like to tell my Kenyan friends I know hard to accept what happened in Kenya was too dramatic tie to face … and try to remove fears we have we should be able to talk freely so when we go home we should go home knowing we are free and ready to face challenges that are there. One way to heal and remove fear from trauma we have had.

Sylvia Graves: Workshops and then 45 minute break for healing and then workshop begin second shift. Workshops offered twice today. Thank you friends.

Morning Saturday - Announcments

Today we have gathered for business and to find ourselves with a closing that seems too soon. We have enjoyed meeting and renewing our friends / Friends in the world and learning of their life experences since 2005. We will be having workshops today and look forward to all the presenters.

Here are Today's Announcments:

-Early morning worship will meet at Hampton Inn on the 4th floor in the Jefferson Room at 6:30am. # 401 and 402
-Before your departure, please return your name tags to the box on the registration desk. In the School Lobby.
We appreciate your consideration!
-Shuttle buses will leave at 7am, 11am, 3pm and after the evening service for those in need of transportation to or from motels.
-Evening offerings will benefit the FUM General Fund and all field staff ministry accounts.
-There is the line inside and a line OUTSIDE. You can get to it by walking to the Nurses Station and entering the gate to the Tent area to find the Food Tables.
-Nursery is in the Meeting Nursery.
-These items are in the office if you are missing any. Scarf, Jewelry, Glasses and Glasses in a case.
-Some items have been left in the bookstore. Jewelry, sandals, etc. Please see the office for these items.
-Lost and found items can be turned in or picked up from the High Point Friends Meeting Office (Room-213).
-Registration was moved to the Friends School lobby after lunch yesterday. Please check there for registration concerns and NCYM info.
-A Silent Auction for a number of items is in progress in the Bookstore on the first floor. All proceeds will benefit the Ministry Accounts of field staff. Visit the Bookstore to see items and place a bid. All bids must be in by Saturday 10 am.
-For departing attendees needing transportation from the hotels or High Point Friends Meeting to the airport or train station, there is a sign-up sheet on the registration desk at the NCYM Office in the School. If you have not signed this list we assume you have transportation.
-The FUM Triennial Blog web address is:triennials2008.blogspot.comIt is updated after every session.
outside of the bookstore featuring these authors: Mary Glenn Hadley, David Goff, Howard Macy, John Punshon, Billy Britt and Ben Richmond.
-Ask any FUM staff member how you can get a complete set of FUM Staff prayer cards.
-Western Yearly Meeting History: For information or to order see Peggy Hollingsworth, Kay Carter or Leanna Roberts during FUM. Cost is $25 plus $5 Shipping; make checks payable to Western Yearly Meeting.
-Pendle Hill: Opportunities for study and service available. See Display in room 3.
-USFWI 2010 Triennial Fundraiser: Visit display in bookstore for a variety of items including luggage tags, canvas bags and Jamaican Blue Coffee. Help raise funds for 2010 Triennial in Kenya!
-COPIES: John Punshon – Johnson lecture, Landrum Bollings – Peace Lecture and Sylvia Graves – Keynote address will be available on or after 20 July 2008 on the FUM website.
-BOOKSTORE: Friends United Press online shopping center can be accessed at or at 1-800-537-8839
-A Copy of Ray Luther and Bob Spencer’s CD is availble after tonights speaker. See Ray for Details.
-The Friendly Quaker Songfest Cd is also Available for the same price $15.
-Treasurer’s Guide for Friends Meetings:
2008 Edition is available for $15. See Melissa Stoner Saturday am or during breaks.
-Triennial T-Shirts are seeking new homes! Please visit the Bookstore downstairs to find one a new home.
-Ben and Jody Richmond will be leading a workshop about Friends Theological College in School room 218. 1:45 and 3:45 pm
-FOOD! Please allow everyone to get food before returning for seconds or getting larger portions. Thank you!
-If you have seen or if you find a hymnal (we have a few missing) please bring it back to this room! Thank you.
-Carolina Evangelical Divinity School invites you to visit their display downstairs. Frank Scurry would love to discuss the school’s ministry with anyone interested.
-The Intervisitation Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting invites you to visit their booth in Display room 3 and take a free copy of our pamplet, “The Biblical Vision of Peace.” See Georgia Fuller for more info. Or E-mail
-Pennies for Postage:FUM Summer Mission Project Donate your loose change, etc to send books to Kenya, Ramallah, Jamaica and Belize.
-THE SCHOOL BUILDING will be closed and locked at 5pm today. Please note this change.
-Do you want to attend a local meeting tomorrow?
Friends who would like to attend a local meeting for worship tomorrow may sign up for transportation with Janice Dalton of NCYM at their desk in the School before 5pm TODAY!

Enjoy your day.

Evening Session - John Punshon - Johnson Lecture

Friday Evening - 11 July, 2008 - 7 pm

Live captioning services are provided by CSDHH – Communication Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Greensboro, NC. Your captionist today is Vicki Pinson.

(music playing)

Friends. Friends. …

Friends good evening. After having almost perfect day it comes to this. I thought yesterday was just a beautiful day. We started our 2008 Friends United Meeting Triennial conference it was just perfect setting. Spirit among us so beautiful tender and sweet. Then we come to this day. How wonderful it has been. Spirit is so rich and alive. It’s just been glorious. How can it get any better. As I sat my thoughts turned to King Solomon he had all the fame, riches, authority he lived such a life. He simply said the best is yet to come. After having such a beautiful day the best is yet to come. Are you having a good time. Amen.

Just enjoy. It doesn’t get much better than this. I tell the folks I work with I go down the hall and tell them if it get better than this we won’t be here we’ll be somewhere else.
Wonderful. We will start this evening in song Donna will lead us in hymn.

Donna: Brent I have a confession to make. When I first began the music committee here preparation for Friends United Meeting. Some people said Friends United Meeting people don’t necessarily get into music that much. And I was a little concerned about it and then I heard you all sing last night and in the deep south they say them folks can sang…. So what a wonderful blessing you have been let’s sing hymn 670 make me a blessing.


Out in the highways and byways of life many are weary and sad
Carry the sunshine where darkness is strife making the sorrowing glad.
Make me a blessing make me a blessing. Out of my life may Jesus shine. Make me a blessing. O savior I pray. Make me a blessing to someone today.

Tell the sweet story of Christ and his love
Tell of his power to forgive
Others will trust him if only you prove true every moment you live
Make me a blessing
Make me a blessing
Out of my life may Jesus shine
Make me a blessing
O savior I pray
Make me a blessing to someone today.

Give as twas given to you in your need
Love as the master loved you
Be to the helpless a helper indeed
Unto your mission be true
Make me a blessing
Make me a blessing
Out of my life may Jesus shine
Make me a blessing
O savior I pray
Make me a blessing to someone today.

Donna: Thank you be seated.

Friends I’ve asked Patricia if she would open in prayer tonight. Following this… donna will lead us in another song.

Patricia: Shall we pray.
O God our loving father we bow before you this evening with thanksgiving in our hearts for the good plans you have for each of us. We thank you Lord for you liking us as friends. We thank you Lord for bringing us together not that we … but just because you love us. Thank you father for bringing each of us and thank you for speaking … we humble ourselves before you knowing we… we worship you. … I thank you Lord for laying your word on my heart. Father I’m praying for this congregation that each one of us may … for those who seek God … may leave this place here because and one of the things … on this planet was healing the sick. I pray that you touch each one of them and heal them. I pray Lord for the speaker this evening that you anoint him for the wok before him. I pray for Friends United Meeting that you touch and renew us for the work before us. Father in Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Donna: Let’s join together and sing wonderful praises joyful joyful we adore thee #90


Joyful joyful we adore thee God of glory Lord of love
Hearts unfold like flowers before thee opening to the sun above
Melt the clouds of sin and sadness
Drive the dark of doubt away
Giver of immortal gladness
Fill us with the light of day

All they works with joy surround thee
Earth and heaven reflect they rays
Stars and angels sing around thee
Center of unbroken praise
Field and forest vale and mountains
Flowery meadow flashing sea
Chanting bird and flowing fountain call us to rejoice in thee.

All thy works

Ever blessings happy rest.
Thou our father Christ our brother all who live in love are thine.
Teach us how to love each other lift us to the joy divine.

Mortals join the mighty chorus which the morning stars began love divine is reigning over us leading us with mercy’s hand.
Ever singing march we onward
Victors in the midst of strife.
Joyful music leads us sunward
In the triumph song of life.

Brent: If ushers will please come forward we’ll have our evening offering.

Heavenly father help us realize the richness of your goodness we are so thankful we have opportunity to return portion to you use our tithes and all that is yours might be lifted up. Jesus may be pray amen.

Brent: I’d like to share a few comments I have heard the last 2 days. So many people made positive comments about the beautiful facilities here at High Point Friends Meeting. The grounds, campus, meals, … we appreciate that so much. They worked very hard. Second comment if we keep having such good Triennial as this we need larger place. Host for 2011 Triennial you know who you are it will be announced tomorrow morning. We might need to find a larger place cause we are having excellent Triennials. Third comment at table we talked about Triennial someone at table made comment we are having such a great time we think we should have these Triennial sessions more often. Wouldn’t that be great. My pleasure now to introduce you to more special music. It will be presented to us by 2008 friends united meeting choir led by Donna Terrell and following … will introduce our speaker.

Donna: For those who practiced last night you are still committed. While people are coming up and getting together I want you to think about something before this offering of music.
Friends United Meeting as I understand it is a group of people from all over the world from all walks of life, all races, from conservative beliefs, liberal, for common purpose for spreading the goods news of salvation offered to us by Jesus throughout the world. Now these people that are gathering here have spent 60 minutes together to prepare this. 30 minutes a night and when you hear what this group of people has done you will wonder why we haven’t lit a fire across the world. It has nothing to do with who is leader or who is in charge or whose idea. Only because these people have the joy and love of the Lord they want to share. I offer you our Triennial choir.

(music playing)

As I went down to the river to pray … about the . good Lord show me the way.
Oh sisters let’s go down, let’s go down come on down oh sisters let’s go down down to the river to pray.
As I went down to the river to pray telling about that … good Lord show me the way oh … let’s go down, come on down. Come on brothers let’s go down, down to the river to pray.
As I went down to the river to pray … who good Lord show me the way.
Oh fathers let’s go down, let’s go down, come on down. Oh fathers let’s go down, down to the river to pray.
As I went down to the river to pray … and shall . good Lord show me the way oh mothers let’s go down, come on down, don’t you wanna come down, come on mothers let’s go down, down to the river to pray as I went down to the river to pray …. Good Lord show me the way oh sisters let’s go down, let’s go down, come on down. Oh sinners let’s go down down to the river to pray.
As I went down to the river to pray … about that good old way and who shall wear the starry crown good Lord show me the way.


(music playing)

When you are searching to find your way
Filled with doubt lost and afraid
Looking for … to renew your faith
Come and kneel at the cross
When you are troubled with pain…
…. Come and kneel at the cross
With your… seek the Lord leave your fears behind you hope and faith will be restored at the cross he’ll find you.
When you’re discouraged by all you see
Broken hearts people in need
Looking for someone to …
Come and kneel at the cross.
At the cross, at the cross, … feel God’s love surround you
Healed by grace … feel God’s peace around you.
Feel God’s peace around you.


Thank you folks. What a message. I’m asked to announce that there will be available free copy of tonight’s lecture by John Punshon. Also out here in the hall to my right the 1987 Johnson Lecture that John Punshon gave at Guilford College at our Friends United Meeting. It is available for a donation. There is no dollar figure placed.

Also tonight tomorrow there will be available in bookstore two of John’s books. Reason for hope and encounter with silence. I want to do something tonight I haven’t asked permission but something I want to do.
The reason for it is this…we had a beautiful time together. And thank you for your part in it. I keep saying but he keeps ignoring me I say to Brent you have done great job as clerk and he has. 5 years ago Brent served his term as clerk for North Carolina Yearly Meeting the last session he presided as clerk I was seated not same building but somewhat same position where Ray and Katie are here. When Brent closed session his last session I raised my hand I did everything he ignored me. He knew what I wanted. I wanted to get the jump you can’t abort the appreciation of this group a day ahead of time. He is clerk 6 years I don’t know anyone else who served 6 years. I want to say thanks for your great job.


I worked with Brent at Friends United Meeting and North Carolina Yearly Meeting and thanks for all you have done … now will you forgive me for saying that. I know what he will do tomorrow. John Punshon our speaker tonight is native of London. He is known in his profession of law theology journalism, public speaking, his wife’s name is Veronica and they have 2 children Tom who is executive with London financial future exchange and daughter Sophia is professional dress maker. She goes to various institutions in great Britain. They have 4 grandchildren. One long time interest is sailing partly because he lives near docks in London. Elder of Milton Kind’s meeting and recorded minister Indiana Yearly Meeting. Also … theology commission of Milton King council of churches. Being grandfather is one of his greatest pleasure apart from food and watching sports on TV. He is author of several books. … reasons for hope, Encounter with Silence. Future of friends church testimony and tradition. Not too long ago he taught Quakerism at Earlham college. In 1987 I introduced him and I am grateful to have privilege again tonight to be our Johnson Lecturer. John thank you for being in NC and with Friends United Meeting again.

John Punshon: thank you.

The first Friends United Meeting gathering Triennial I attended was in California when we had California friends. We do don’t we we have the greater body. Our friends … anyway this was at … orange county and seemed to get off to very good start. I was room next to air conditioner generator like sleeping in engine room of ship. I made my first contact with NC friends because James Good was at that time assistant to general superintendent I said I can’t sleep he said no other available. I asked him to do something about it. He reminded me about this a few weeks ago I made his life dreadful because I wouldn’t sleep where I had been assigned. That didn’t cramp my style. I was standing back at the hall like there while a performance was being given and standing next to experienced friend not of Friends United Meeting background. And looking at music and all this. I said do you know what’s going on here. And I replied yes. I know exactly where I am. And what lay behind that reply I think was that I looked around then and as now I see the kind faces I know and grew up with faces like my grandparents like my parents. People who come from same walk of life, same society. I think probably I’ve been able to give the service I have to Earlham and Friends United Meeting is that I feel so at home with it. First thing I want to do today is to take opportunity of acknowledging publicly the immense affection you have given to my wife and myself during 12-13 years we have spent in USA. This is our thank you for that. I’m glad to see so many friends from Kenya. I was representative from … in 1991. And we arrived at Kisumu and had message would we go to Kaimosi straight away we did. Discovered our dear friend who I hope some of our Kenyan friends remember had died. Jasmine was wonderfully kind, very strong, … as well as being on staff at Friends Theological College he had tea and coffee farm. He had diabetes. … invited me to bring the message at his funeral. First time I met Kenyan friends in Kenya was to undertake that immensely sad, immensely moving very wonderful funeral to be conducted under the trees. So I have many memories crowding in tonight and I want to add personal welcome to them. I was invited to come give this talk by she said you’ve done it once and did well we’ll give you second chance. The theme a hope and a future what we want you to do is talk about friends generally and future of Friends United Meeting specifically. I was rather frightened by this. I don’t know if I can do this effectively without stirring hornet’s list. You know what I mean. So I said I would really rather do something else so she said alright you just published a fairly successful book she said. Excuse me. Why don’t you write the next chapter for us. I said book already published. I don’t mean that. I mean write what you would say if you were going to write a last chapter. So I have. And there is a 40 page last chapter waiting for you outside. That really has been the work I put into this Johnson Lecture. What would next chapter be. What do I see future of friends. What I will do tonight is give you flavor of what I say in the text. I recommend you take a copy of the text. Copy of the Johnson Lecture from 1987 if you make contribution for that. I don’t even get expenses for that. I hope you will accept it in that spirit. So what I will talk about is sort of thing the booklet contains. Really a meditation hope and a future. I gave chapter title living in the new world. 3 main reason. First is that is what Jeremiah’s prophecy is about. Secondly because every juncture in history we move into a new world. It will be a new world tomorrow. The new is always fresh unexpected challenging. We need to be prepared for that fact of life. Always moving into new world. 3rd I think friends tend to be introspective. In the chapter I talk in widest possible context for discussions that take place about future of society I look up from topic a b and c and how those topics might play in wider world outside us not always interested in internal .. we have. That is the brief. I want to begin by saying something about the prophecy the theme. I don’t want to look at how I see society of friends now in 2008. Third I will touch on some of these wider themes I mentioned like boundaries in which our religious life takes place. We have to look there to see the future. Those 3 aspects for what I want to say tonight. First Jeremiah’s prophecy. What lies behind those words a hope and a future. We have to understand the background. He was writing in last 30 years of 7th century bc during time when … was dissolving. Social conditions were pretty dire. Real fear that annihilation would come to community. For almost 100 years they were receiving refugees, unemployment, hunger, etc. things were not good and Judah was .. between the two great powers of the ancient world Egypt and successively Assyria and… Jeremiah’s time is there. And the interests of the establishment as you might say in Judean time was designed to preserve national integrity. So we read a great deal in the prophets about how to treat… what expectations things like financial policy, trade policy, dynastic marriages. That is the background to the hope and future prophecy that we … it was prophecy of hope in a very grim time. Let’s move forward. Jeremiah said about these conditions he looked at the domestic policies international and came to conclusion that it was being approached in the wrong way the personal we political and political was personal. 2 things he criticized particularly in the booklet I return to the end to say are these things still present. First is idolatry. Idol is something that gives you comfort. Something which is … 2 ways you can look a religious image. One is to place yourself in its power place in the power of what it represents. What will happen if we go to the foot of the cross. That’s not idolatry but to go to the cross to get personal benefit to seek only the messages from religious tradition which confirm the attitude you already have is to use idol for your own purpose. Complex one. What do you want to get out of religious life. If you want … but if you want meaning and reality then something different will flow from the imagery. Idols blinded you to religious… the other thing he … it is the option of having more than one God. Jeremiah and others complained about the … what did you expect in the Jerusalem temple like a gothic cathedral. A pure house but in fact what we read that was not the case. There were idols from many foreign gods as well as the part of building devoted to … so the prophet looked at the corruption of religion at the use of religion for social control use of religion to procure personal advantage and unless you change disaster will come. As we know in … disaster did come and Jerusalem fell. That is the background. They were looking for theme for conference. You have to have a theme for conference. I thought did they know their bible. Yes I think they did. So they put me up to tell you what they had in mind. So I want to read you most of the prophecy that hope and future comes from. Listen I left out a bit but they don’t alter meaning. These are the words the letter Jeremiah sent from Jerusalem to the elders priests and all people Nebucannezer … thus says the Lord to all exiles build houses and live in them. Plant garden and eat the produce. Take wives and have sons and daughters. Take wives to your sons and give your daughters in marriage. Multiply there and do not decrease but seek welfare of the city I sent you to exile and pray to the Lord on its behalf for in its wealth you will find your wealth. For thus says the Lord when 70 years complete I will … I will fulfill to you my promise and bring you back to this place for I know the plans I have for you says the Lord plans for welfare and not evil to give you a future and a hope then you will call upon me come and pray to me and I will hear you. You will seek me and find me when you seek for me with all your heart. I will be found by you and I will restore your fortunes and gather you from all nations and places I have driven you and I will bring you back to the place from which I sent you into exile. So these are the things that were to happen. The hope and future were to come to those who were in confinement not exactly in prison but in confinement. One points I make in the chapter that you are invited to take is just this. At one point I say if you have never read… go and do it now. Reason is this book is about the life of a man when every single freedom he had was taken away living a completely regimented life. He came to conclusion that while no one could get inside his head no one could control him and therefore in battle against tyranny he was always going to win. Now this is very important, important literary work for 20th century. Made important point too that is that … beginning to define himself in captivity. Knows his boundaries his desires, etc. desires of those in charge of him. This I think is historically what happened to Jewish people this time we begin to talk about the Jews the battle … because these words of redemption would only become reality if they continued in their devotion to him. Until they understood who they were and they understood who they were by measuring themselves against standards of captures. Only way was to preserve… so text of Jeremiah when we open it up like that has important parallels with us. What is … where is how do you answer that question. My argument in chapter question of identity and .. who we have been decides who we are and how we meet challenges of external world. Future is where hope is but new world comes into being. I look at constraints are upon practice of religion and practice of Quaker faith as 21st century gets underway.

It’s difficult to make generalizations about … we do it all the time. Sure you don’t I do. … the cricket team…. As we speak they are playing south Africa and I don’t know what the score. If I picked the team they … so there is plenty of we are all opinionated I’m opinionated. Before I talk about society of friends is certain attitudes I discern when I talk to people and when I read news. One of them it actually says on lecture he’s more interested in opinions than news. Opinion is much more interesting. I live in this kind of world. It’s a world first of all which doesn’t understand that to explain human behavior is not to condone it. And if you are old enough to know west side story you know that marvelous scene where officer Krupke tries to get the hoodlums to behave they say officer Krupke we have the social disease they go through long list of disadvantages they felt they were entitled to be criminals. When I listen to this scene it picks up on something I think important. In our perfectly proper understanding the reasons why social pathologists we tend to overlook the standards against which they ought to be measured. You can disagree with me but I have the microphone. There are a lot of people who think we can ultimately explain everything. This is … it is a problem German philosopher said we can calculate meaning of everything I don’t think so. I think life has area of mystery, area of tragedy, all kinds of things in our experience we can’t explain. If we thought to ourselves we can explain everything we seriously … understanding of human nature. A basic bloody-mindedness about people will always prevail about the … I don’t think we have answer for everything. I think the effort to answer the great questions is what makes us human. I don’t see a world we can calculate answers to everything. I guess because I don’t believe in I don’t want to say great deal about this I grew up in a progressive household. My relatives and my parents their friends all had progressive friends and I grew up in that atmosphere which thought world was getting better and better. I’m a child of the second world war I can tell you what it’s like to be bombed because I have been bombed. I don’t believe in progress. Not everything gets better. As I say in the book I cheer for modern medical science in many ways things are getting better but not automatic process. We sometimes confuse information and … any of you who have teenage children who go online to do homework will know they can get plenty of information on internet but how good is that information. How does it stand up how do you apply critical standards to what we read and education in Britain educators getting worried about this. Everyone went to coursework instead of examinations. Wikipedia putting a few sentences together to give information some shape and passing it off. That is serious problem. We don’t … and there are two assumptions I also discuss in the book first moral relativism I won’t say more about that. And the second one is idea of specialist who knows best. If we want to know about something you go to specialist and get the answer. If you … that’s the way to find something no one has written before. The age of specialist. I think … I have that off my chest. Reason I say that. … I make a case that in these things we have areas of controversy and I don’t think specialists are … I obviously don’t think… I follow the conventions of my community because they I’m not stupid enough … but I’m trying to point to the areas where the assumptions we tend to make in religious community are not formed by society at large. If we want to communicate with the other church we have to understand use a phrase I hate where people are coming from and if you don’t understand that you won’t get anything so here is first part of sermon because I want to change and look at the society of friends that finds itself in this kind of work. I want to say something about my own personal journey as a friend and then society of friends at large. So first of all how I became a friend. In the archives of Britain Yearly Meeting there is application I wrote at age of 19 to local monthly meeting asking to be accepted. I haven’t looked it up. It would be like 50 years before anyone can read it so I haven’t I think back to what I remember. First I have never doubted the existence of God. I have doubted his presence in my life. We all have had dry periods. All have had dark night of the soul. But underlying it I never lost my faith in existence of God. That stability … difficult to understand people who don’t have same experience. We think others are like us and they are not. I was brought up in the country on a farm. I had wonderful time as a child. … answered I knew the reality in the streams and fields the animals birds that sort of thing. I look back and think that experience was inward one and it came probably from … the natural world. I have deep sense I am in the world not spectator. … it was Baptist but not southern Baptist. In the hymns and stories … I found corresponding reality. So what happened to me gradually my sense of Christian faith moved together and I think God .. would be my testimony. When you put that together with the progressive family that I was born into it meant that I was very sensitive to corruption of religion. I came to look for my own church. Didn’t go church shopping but at age of 19 I found society of friends. I thought then and now that this is as close as you can get to Christianity of our Lord that’s why I’ve been here 50 years. In modern terms if you read literature you’ll know his book, … discipleship… no such thing as … important lesson. Something I learned in society. He went to meeting … something born out of my own experience … can somebody do something about this. Can I you I can hear echo can you. I knew yes that it was the soft of thing society of friends gave to me. I found my way into society and I was thinking about this I thought are they still operative. That’s why I became a friend. Why do I remain a friend. Remaining a friend is a different thing. First thought is question of principle now society of friends has a truth which is to be received on faith as absolutely true to totally undemonstrable. That dogma is that there is that of God in everyone. Who’s counting. That’s the only way to prove it. But I’m a man of faith I don’t need proof and the doctrine there is … in everyone which I think is same .. I was sitting last night listening to thinking yes that’s exactly what I mean. I believe and that sentence … every moment of my life as a friend. Second thing is this mentioned I convened theology commission which I like doing and I meet a lot of people in this and I experience of church people is fairly wide. There are often differences about predestination and all that sort of thing but most of the time we are on same wavelength until question … that is where I know I’m a Quaker. More I thought about it what makes us distinctive but one … we are all ministers. We may be separated by pastoral function but … not criticizing pastoral system. Not something I want to be. But I think the way we make decisions the way we come together at monthly meeting. And I read new testament that is what church of disciples was like. Friends as church. Can’t emphasize that strongly enough. I have come as life goes on to appreciate more. I simply reply Quakerism is a way of life. What is that way of life. I tell them about peace, simplicity… they say why and that’s when you get into the theology. I found that testimonies are rather like … I do … someone says John you shouldn’t have done that and I think when I think it often comes back. You didn’t treat that person the way you should have. You didn’t choose a peaceable way to remonstrate the … was a valid way that day so the testimony is not so much but … they have become daily …

***Captioning Request: Could the speaker please speak closer to the microphone?

John Punshon:
Am I to continue. Louder. Oh I thought I was loud already ok. Two quick points because I want to get on but the first is question part of reason why I became a friend because I didn’t believe then a lot of things I believe now. I believed in God but don’t know if I believed in Trinity. Quaker doesn’t believe in Trinity but I believe in father son and holy spirit and hope that’s good enough but I didn’t when I began. Nobody taught me I had to. There were wise people in my meeting who perhaps sensed I was on the path and let me find my way myself. That’s very important and precious if I could preach to you be very careful when we start making requirements of what people ought to believe to come into fellowship of a meeting. And again I offer greatest thanks for it because my life how much longer I have I don’t know but I was writing the lecture in December evening light was going and whole section there about dying. Because I’m a lot nearer my death than my birth let’s hope I have a little more. I’d like to see … win against Australia that would be a bonus to see that happen. But the end is coming. And sorry I forgot … I can’t imagine a greater joy than I have when I have my quiet time with God go to meeting Sunday morning or Saturday nights when I pray for the three congregations I am particularly associated with. I know my journey is coming to end but it’s been wonderful journey because friends gave me freedom to develop and discern. They never forced me into anything and I believe there is liberty in the gospel. That is very precious. Last thing remaining friend we are such an annoyingly traditional group. London Britain Yearly Meeting as it’s called I don’t go there. Like like this you walk in there is atmosphere of silence. Clerk let ms try this meeting on. It has been reported by some friends in gathering that on the hall there are not … the cause of this we understand is that windows are open. It has been suggested to us that maybe the comfort of our friends would be better if windows closed. Recognizing there may be difficulty coming to consensus on this we agree to defer this question until afternoon session.


I think you know what I mean. Now there is a difference between playacting being Quaker and being one. It’s our identity that carries us forward and we have to be very careful about 2 things. One is pretending to be … when we are not. Adopting the speech of George … and taking the values of the past and translating them into long terms. The former …. But later we seriously need to be concerned about. Moving into new world we can’t define ourselves in new terms can’t determine what is good or bad, faithful or unfaithful. Because in his he had to say who am I, I am the product of … we have to cherish it. To help meet the challenges of the future. How do we do that. Probably I better finish at this point. What have we got to go on. Where do we stand. How do we stand. I gave this lecture the Johnson lecture in 1987 patterns of change. Shortly after I discovered what I say I hope if you are interested you will take that because I think that is one of the best things I have written. I did it before I came to America. I don’t think I could have had the effective ministry I think I have had among you. Most of the things I said them about Americans who are not … outside your nation and not well known I was talking to a friend… I was thinking to myself if we have joint Friends United Meeting …. Conference. Wouldn’t it be good. Why don’t we. So I think that American friends I have … the phrase I used to describe friends this was 20 years ago there wasn’t the sort of defensive attitude of friends in other traditions I think that was important that remains the case. I think it remains the case that we use our history rather than our theology as means of talking. That’s very important. It means we have a terminology we can encounter difficult ideas. If we go back to 1940s period of first world war it was difficult for friends to talk because of no common vocabulary. Now we do talk. The terms in which theology are done, have changed in 20 years. This is really most important point that is that in those days theology for the reflective church member was how we stand on liberal evangelical spectrum. And someone will stand up and ask what about l…. particularly in NC. Some of our best friends are conservative friends of NC so don’t repeat what I said to them. I think you know what I mean. What do they argue about now. Foundation… post modernism… they offer challenge to both liberal and conservative. That is the marketplace perhaps the prison confinement that we heard. If we argue about that …we are just standing here. That has changed dramatically I expect us to filter through… I was going to make a point here. Perhaps we will leave it. What are my reasons for hope first what I said about the way we do theological discussions. Historical movement coming together of scholars to work together on issues of history and principles is extremely important. It began with … and it came down through …. Folks of that kind and I want to mention one thing to you that is you may or may not know … Spencer who have just produced a thesis which I think suspect is going to revolutionize … … I wrote a book what’s it called. Portrait of faith just had second edition and they said well do we need a new book. And I said no. this book has been written out of historical consensus that Quakerism rose out of puritan movement. … this book is going to be published and she takes a different theme, not technical 19th century way. Over the whole period showing how faith, scriptural account. That is what came from that. As soon as I use the word hopeless I’m sure when… that’s what I mean about the Quaker history. The second reason I have hope is reason I don’t know what to call it school, discipline community school of the spirit. Ministry in Philadelphia… perhaps a bit ore about Quakers … there is a display downstairs please go see it. Take one of the fliers the school of the spirit… third there is the … we have representatives from Africa. Friends United Meeting is strong in Africa. Strong in … but out of … Kenyans experience and Africa American experience come things we desperately need to know and how unimportant personal possessions are. The presence the … of the Quaker community is important to us. The last point and then I will .. in inconclusive way one of the experiences about America I cherish most is my service on the … you see I’m getting too old. Those of you … the appraisal committee … we used to interview people for recording. Sometimes they were not pastors sometimes they were and we would meet with ministry and council to decide if this person should go into this. You probably do same thing in NC. For Yearly Meeting. I would go out usually in summer. In Indiana corn fields. And talk to someone who was going to be … often they were part time found way into pastoring from the factory, from the farm. One friend from Indiana was driver for Wal-Mart. He had study tapes he used in his truck. I think quality of pastors in our meetings is higher now. These folks coming forward who might not have particular academic skills but are … in their heart. Their understanding of Christian faith Quaker faith and I am constantly impressed and giving thanks for that. I know we have pastors here tonight. The last reason I have to look forward to bright future… so those are some things I have written about in the leaflet. The chapter and I hope I said enough to encourage you to take a copy. Thank you very much for being so patient.


John thank you for reminding us we do have reasons for hope. And I trust all of you will leave here tonight with hope in your hearts encouragement and excitement to move forward. Sleep well tonight. We have more activities tomorrow. Pick up the next chapter.

Thank you.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Afternoon tours - and sessions

What a wonderful busy afternoon we have had!

This afternoon were tours to Quaker Lake, Guilford College/ Mendenhall Plantation, Quaker Museums/ Cemetaries and the NC ZOO it was a good time to fellowship and enjoy getting out of the Meeting House for an afternoon. Also those that stayed behind got to do a few events that were very special. We had a Intervisitation Program of Baltimore Yearly Meeting, 1:30-3 in the Music Room. FCNL—The pastoral and the Prophetic: Dealing with Congress on the Middle East, 1pm in the Chapel. Pawnee Indian Baptist Church—Kenyan Dancing, 3pm in the School Amphitheatre.
I've got to say that I really did enjoy the Indian preformance. IT was a real treat.

Tonight will feature John Punshon as the Speaker and an evening of Music named "A Friendly Quaker Songfest" before that starting at 6pm. The preformers will be: Charles Adams, Robin Wiliams, Mell Downing, John Lowe, The Springfield Strummers (Scott Anderson, Eva Garner, Fletcher Garner, Elizabeth Spencer, David Stroud, Eldora Terrell, Leroy Williams and Bob Spencer) Ray Luther, Bob Spencer, Kathy Walden, Linda Selleck, Kimbery Farlow, Linda Selleck and Bob Spencer.
These performers from NCYM used their special talents and came together to perform either singing, playing or in a group to create a CD for fund raising to help Quaker Lake Camp in NC. We still have Cd's Available if you would like one please Call the NCYM Office at 336-292-6957
Suggested donation for one is $15 US.

Friday Morning Business Session 11 July 2008 - 10am

Live captioning services are provided by CSDHH – Communication Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Greensboro, NC. Your captionist today is Vicki Pinson.

Good morning. If we could take our seats we would like to get the business session underway.

Friends if we could take our seats please.

Friends good morning and welcome to our business session. Donna Terrell will come and lead us in song.

Donna: GOOD MORNING Jambo. Let’s all stand and sing. Hymn page 410 standing on the promises.

Standing on the promises of Christ our king … standing on Tom Hamm promises of God. Standing, standing, standing on the promises of God our savior standing standing, I’m standing on the promises of God.

Standing on the promises you cannot fail … by the living water … standing on the promises of God. Standing, standing, standing on the promises of God my savior standing, standing, I’m standing on the promises of God.

4th verse
Standing on the promises of Christ my Lord … standing on the promises of God.
Standing, standing, standing on the promises of God my savior standing standing
I’m standing on the promises of God.

Standing on the promises I cannot fall … standing on the promises of God. Standing, standing, standing on the promises of God my savior standing standing I’m standing on the promises of God.

Thank you Donna. We’d like to begin at this time with a series of announcements. Linda Selleck will begin. If you can look at your green book this is pretty easy day. This session, lunch, free time or tours, dinner and tonight’s program at 7 however we have been working hard in NC to prepare concert for you that is not in book. 6 pm extended 1 hour prelude into tonight’s program. If you haven’t guessed by now Quaker in NC love to make music. Follow scripture make a joyful noise unto the Lord. Etc. we have a friendly Quaker songfest concert tonight 6 pm in this room guitar mandolin, violin, Celtic harp, singers, we hope you will come and enjoy this music time together. 6 pm tonight. Floating party.

Thank you Linda. Can I bring harmonica and kazoos are always welcome.

Thank you.

Friends we have announcement from Tony Lowe meeting of convergent friends those interested should meet 1:30 today front steps of Meetinghouse.

Terri Johns has series of announcements.

Terri: Good morning. It really is series. .I was downstairs writing and kept adding. I will talk really fast but not so fast you can’t understand me. Friends Theological College support team meets 12:00 hospitality room. Field staff exec committee and finance committee 1pm library. Several interest groups if you haven’t seen list it’s obvious place you will go there every day on the bathroom doors. We put them there intentionally so you won’t miss them. Also one not on list Joseph M. who is chair of friends church peace team has video he wants to show you 1 hour long 3:30 pm hopefully in choir room. If not there there will be note on the door.
Auctions we have a few people who have bid on some of the auctions but we are missing several of you. If you want that quilt and it is gorgeous or the things from Belize or crèche from Ramallah. You don’t want to miss this this is your opportunity. It is over in morning tomorrow 10 am tomorrow. If you want that all money benefits field staff account. Not just fair market value it is here to support field staff. We really want you to bid on that. If you don’t know how go to office down the hall Friends United Meeting office down the stairs. If you look at workshops tomorrow field staff have workshops tomorrow Ben and Jody are having workshops friends theological college. They will have workshop. Offering totaled $2400 dollars. That is so exciting. That means we have over 3300 in 2 nights offering. You are amazing. Field staff general fund both appreciate you. Last involves some of our staff. We really want you to get connected with Friends United Meeting. If you haven’t been connected this last year you have missed a lot. Our staff will show you some things you missed. First of all in packets you got wonderful bags there is plastic packet and this cream colored card half sheet not taxing to fill out simple info but great way list to get connected with Friends United Meeting. If you are not connected or haven’t been receiving stuff from us. Take down to office that’s really important not only for us but for you to know what’s going on.
Along with that. … the green sheets we have extra copies. One person was faithful and filled out green sheets one person we have over 500 people registered folks, not even a 1% return yet. We’d like to hear from at least 20 of you and hopefully we can do that. If you have your green sheet fill them out or if you can’t find your sheet see Dale he has more. We’d like to hear from you on those. It gives us contact to talk to to get people connected. Other things we have you might have missed. Quaker life magazine and you wanted to say something. In lovely packets …

In lovely packets just as wonderful half sheet of information you will find beautiful purple sheet this is today and today only special deal of the week get Quaker life subscription get one for a friend free. (FREE) buy one get one. Make sure you look for this sheet and get your Quaker life subscription and gift one to friend for free.

Many have asked about exciting themes for 2009 they are listed on fancy purple sheet. If print is too small come to us and we will read them to you.

Friends United Meeting Sunday if you didn’t participate last year that is something you missed. We had 2-3 churches signed up one year this year like 40 that is in November. You will get announcements about it, stuff in the mail. If you don’t get directly you are not connected and all you have to do is fill out that little piece of paper. There is the piece of paper.

Oh something else do any of you actually remember what we did last year for annual general fund campaign. She is showing you close up and personal exactly what we sent to 15,000 people. Please remember we sent to 15,000 people. Ok. 15,000 people we are asking for 210,000 dollars that is not a lot per person little amount. What we offered in return for monthly donation was prayer cards of staff, staff showing you the cards, if you got your brochure, got that you have places to put those prayer cards. If you didn’t good news it’s in your packet. So you are not missing out. What you missed out on was lovely prayer cards. We have more it is here for a small donation to general fund you can get completed collection of prayer cards to put in packet. If you want to do this and raise money for general fund or just get lovely faces to look at all the time. Come to office. If you prepurchase new book enduring hope impact of Ramallah friends school available next week you get free complimentary Patricia … bookmark … and friends in Palestine. Personal reflections of alumni and teachers of Ramallah friends school. Do you remember what paper looks like. Good.

Thank you ladies. Those of you that have provided me with traveling minutes they are signed and ready for pickup. I have greetings from Britain yearly Meeting. Gary Farlow we have special guests today. Will you recognize friends from Iowa.

Victor and Brenda White from … operated by Iowa Yearly Meeting are here please stand so we can see who they are.

Victor just stepped out.

Specific reason to make sure you know about them today they will do a Pawnee Indian Cultural dance and drum singing at 3:00 pm today on the front lawn when you get back from tours or from resting this afternoon time to make merry with friends from Iowa.

We have many special people with us frank for divinity school. Those who want copies of Landrum Bolling’s peace lecture may find them on Friends United Meeting website.

In a couple of weeks.

Friends for devotional reading this morning as we winter time of worship prepare for business that lies before us. I’d like to share with you story found in first chapter of John. First time Jesus is gone publicly as teacher and Lord. Scene takes place on street and then John the Baptist gave this testimony I saw the spirit come down as a dove from heaven and remain from him I would not have known him except the one who sent me told me. The man on whom you see the spirit come down and remain is he who will baptize you with holy spirit. I have seen that this is the son of God. Next day john was there on street again with 2 disciples and when he saw Jesus passing by he said look here comes the lamb of God. And when 2 disciples heard him say this they followed him.
Turning around Jesus saw them following and asked what do you want they said rabbi which means teacher they asked where are you staying Jesus replied come follow me and I will show you.
That’s the message Jesus is still asking today friends everywhere come and follow me and I will show you where I live.

Our heavenly father again we thank you for dawning of a beautiful day thank you for privilege that exists in our world to worship freely and peace around us but we know your peace is not everywhere. We pray peace comes from knowing you in personal way we pray for peace wherever absent in the world from government, people rulers, lacking in peace in families, workplaces, among friends we ask for your peace that passes all understanding to descend upon us, thank you for answering prayers, restoring health comforts and joys you provide. We praise you for personal relationship for all if they answer question come and follow me. Cover us today with mercy and guidance lead us, pray you always find us with eyes turned on you let your light shine on us in our pathways and inspire us to follow you, unveil your truth that we might live our lives to your teachings. We want to be more like you, want to be that faithful servant when we stray forgive us Lord. Put shortcomings as far from us as east from west encourage us with your presence that we might live every day it is you we want to serve we surrender all bless gathering of friends … amen.

Friends follow with a moment of silent waiting for spirit of guidance Terri will continue leading us as we receive word from missionaries in the field.

Terri: Thank you.

Ye are the epistle of Christ written not with ink but with the spirit of God to friends in New Jersey … my desire is that you may have the Lord in your eye in all your undertakings for many eyes of other governments or colonies will be upon you to see how you order lives and conversations therefore let your lives words and conversations be as becomes the gospel that you may adorn the truth and honor the Lord in all undertakings. You will feel him and in going forth and coming in so you may answer light and truth in all people go … godly lives and conversations. Do not strive about outward things but dwell inn the love of God for that will unite you together and make you kind and gentle one to another. To seek another’s welfare and be helpful one to another. That you may live as family and church of God. … the first month 1676 …

Terri: thank you for that. That …

Field staff incredible group of people. We had 2 days earlier this week to have field staff meetings and we learned more about each other. Amazing we found lot of our personality types are similar different than mine. We realized takes a certain kind of person to be field staff. Lot of inner strength and we have some really solid field staff. I’m happy to share them with you not mine but I love to say they are mine because I have such a nice connection with them and really enjoy them so glad they are here to share with you. One woman here will share is Joyce Ajlouny she is director of friends school in Ramallah. Incredible person has huge responsibility so good at it. Hope you enjoy.

Joyce Ajlouny: Good morning.
Ok. Fist I send greetings from Ramallah and from the students parents and community of Ramallah friends school trustees as well and principals. Such a competent group of teachers and administrators. If not for them I would not have been able to spend this year in USA. We have every reason to be grateful for the hard work they do.

I want to catch up from what our speaker last night Landrum Bolling said about our message of peace and hope as Quakers. I continue from there but promise I won’t mention PLO or I will not go into politics. Hard to be in Ramallah Palestine without mentioning politics big part of life and family there, of students and teachers. Affects everyday life.

I don’t want to repeat what I will say in workshop tomorrow. I will be more personal today I often ask myself I’m Palestinian but also US citizen. What am I doing in Ramallah I ask myself. Have I not had enough stress and living under military occupation I have lived under military occupation all my life. What makes me stay there. Is question I ask all the time. My answer is very clear. Ramallah friends school. My people. I feel I give something to them, leaving them with something contributing this is driving force. What makes me feel it as a calling is this when you have so many things logically that say you should not be where you are yet you remain that is the force so powerful that works with me every day to keep me there. A lot of us don’t know probably you don’t know what occupation is all about military occupation is nonexistent in most part off world. Not many places. Mankind has realized that people should not occupy other people. Simple as that. For me living under occupation all my life and now making decision my children will live under occupation is very difficult decision to make. Occupation crushes you from inside. You lose your dignity and you are harassed every day. You see things that make you question humanity and the humanity of others every day. I realize that our students when you look at their pictures in yearbook downstairs you see their smiles and feel they are normal kids but deep inside I don’t think any of us realize what it means for them to live under occupation surrounded by gigantic wall where they can’t leave the city can’t use the airport see the horrible bombardment and they feel it every day on their city and country they see the injustice taking place I could go on and on about checkpoints and lack of freedoms. I will spare you. You can imagine what that means for a child. Our family we try to shelter from occupation but they are affected. My son is 16 but 10 when subjected to heavy incursions. He woke up every night 3-8 times a night with night terrors because of insecurities he felt. He had canisters and bullets (empty) that he collected. The destruction from the destruction of the city. This is a sheltered kid so you can imagine what the kids in refuge kids go through every day. Calling is strong for me to go on. I feel the difference that FUM makes there as you see in other countries is enormous it is not just another school. It is a school that is making a difference when you read and I hope you all buy copy of enduring hope you read testimonies of alumni the words if not for friends school I would not be where I am today or not be what I am today they are not words I hear occasionally, these are words I hear all the time. So this is a school that is really honestly making a difference touching everyone’s lives. At present school has over 1150 students. This is record in school’s history. 140 staff in both schools. There is a boys school and girls school but they are coeducational. To confuse you. This year 92 graduates. Sylvia mentioned in keynote where these kids are ending up for college they pay about on average 2300 a year to attend our school. The program in rest of Arab world costs families usually 10-15 thousand a year. We make that facility open for families with less means. 23% of student body receive financial aid. We would like it to be more. We try to raise more money. Muslims and Christians live together in student body and learn to be tolerant of each other 66% students Muslim and 33% Christian faith.

One comment came to me from director of international admissions at Harvard to visit school. She made special trip to visit when she returned she emailed me and said Joyce for my whole history of doing this work my trip to your school was highlight of my career. Your students were most attentive eager to learn eager to listen and as a result Harvard accepted 2 of our students. What is Friends United Meeting’s role in school. Seems well managed. I think this is where my mission comes in in terms of being Friends United Meeting staff member there. That I can make sure I ensure many things are maintained in school first and foremost my job is about making sure Quaker spirit and values are well in line with friends school we live under horrific situations there is violence. We need to keep students and teachers engaged on our values and make sure they take them and work with them and I challenge them on the values. It is easy to slip in situation like ours. I’m so happy to have started new ethics program we now teacher about Quakerism like conflict resolution this has a great impact. My job is to look at financial health of the school not only year to year but long-term. I look at endowments the school doesn’t have much now how to raise more for school looking at infrastructure of school how to build what we need, buy things we need, that goes on we will have the first and only grass soccer field in whole area and thankfully we have raised enough money for this to make it happen. For school and community field is not only for students but community at large. We see our role going beyond our direct community but use school as a way to outreach for others as well. I think my hardest job is to motivate teachers and principals because life is so hard on them economically and psychologically. Keep them going, renewal, new approaches to education, better reading program, better science program. Learning by doing, sometimes I talk to them and they are just not there. Thinking about money how to pay bills, their different reasons each has that puts them down. To get them motivated is a big job. Because sometimes I’m subjected to depression and distrust and I need someone to motivate me. This is hardest part of my job to keep them hopeful, to make sure they know they are making a difference. I think this is one thing that keeps them going. I received an email this morning from principal gave me results which were good. That keeps them going what we are doing good work. Making a difference. I feel this is message of Friends United Meeting to this mission in Ramallah it’s 140 years old has endured so much so many wars so many occupations from different sources. God knows what’s coming after this but hopefully we will have peace in Palestine soon. I share Landrum Bolling’s pessimism that it doesn’t seem likely in future. Ramallah school survived but wouldn’t have if not for Friends United Meeting. Not for the commitment the love the care attention that Friends United Meeting has given the school throughout the years. The accomplishments of the school would not have been achieved without your prayers, your support. Believing… I want you to know prayers also reach us and we want them to keep coming. We are going through hard times but we know we will survive like we have in the past. I hope I can see you … I will talk more in my workshop. But I want to say that Friends United Meeting has helped me fill my cup and I urge you based on Mike shared with us yesterday to also … there is nothing more gratifying than having feeling you are on the right track. Thank you for all your prayers.


Terri: Thank you Joyce. You will have opportunity if you go to their workshop two times offered.

Next person is a I met her 2 years ago from Southeastern Yearly Meeting. She is delightful woman. I have enjoyed getting to know her. This year she said I need to go to Kenya. I need to be there to help Eden Grace. Then violence broke out and she wasn’t sure if she was called or God said you don’t need to be there. Then it got better and she decided to go. Lisa Stewart will share with us a few minutes.

Lisa: Thank you.

Can you hear me now.

I grew up in tradition program Quaker tradition where missionary and evangelism had negative overtones. 3 years ago I was at Yearly Meeting when Ben Richmond spoke as representative from Friends United Meeting while we struggled with membership issues. The struggle with personnel policy. I was sitting in back and had sensation levitating out of seat of course I didn’t I said I have to go. Without saying anything to anyone I made reservation to go to DesMoines Yearly Meeting to have encounter but my first experience making friends with friends from … I left with good wishes of my meeting who made me think I was going into lion’s den. So I wrote a report and it found way to Yearly Meeting then they asked me to be representative to Friends United Meeting. I marched off became representative to Friends United Meeting. And came to discover that our fears were unfounded. And that there were fears about us from Friends United Meeting and I have done best to allay those fears. My spiritual journey has led me to Kenya to work with Eden Grace who is with John Muhanji are … if you don’t have any energy don’t go with them they have no concept of time, wear no watch, they are working have so much energy and commitment. I never knew a Christian mission could be right stewardship of our money Eden Grace has made Christian ministry out of stewardship … they are hosts I lived with them for 3 months. Can you imaging having someone in home for 3 months with children in house and feeling at home and loved and welcomes. Plus all the other people that come through there. I have met so many people from USA who come and travel to visit and travel with John Muhanji it was a blessing and treat to me to see how he personifies someone who truly walks in the light. Who truly walks through life spreading joy. Plus he makes it so much fun. We went to Turkana to work with the general board there. Eden Grace and John Muhanji have done amazing job working with Yearly Meeting general board and hospital general board helping them organize using friends values. They weave principles of peace, … equality and simplicity and community into all their work. The faith they demonstrate has been such a lesson to me. We were on road to Turkana stopped by police said you can’t go further without police escort or escari security person they gave us an escari he looked like a bandit himself. He had a gun long barrel. It looked like it came from an old war held together with baling wire and twine. John and Eden said prayer and went with laughing spirits over this road. I saw a car on side of road they had shot earlier in morning two catholic missionaries and shoes were still in the road. Then car broke down not once but 7 times every time Eden Grace stopped and would trail back to see what kept us. They wanted something to fix the radiator hose. I had a little kit with me and they fixed the hose with adhesive tape from medical kit. Another time John took me to Uganda and … he was helping them reorganize they were raising money for building. John worked with the board helped them organize priorities and explain importance of having budget and bank account job of treasurer any treasurers wonder about your value I learn you are doing God’s work believe me. Pastor there said they would have fundraiser next day they should bring as many shillings as they could even chickens or eggs. I didn’t know he was serious next day we had the gathering and children were singing they were giving money in basket and a lady put chickens in basket and someone brought a goat to give and they were making noise children were singing…it was wonderful I loved it.

In Lugari their Yearly Meeting has… building fallen into disrepair as a result of john’s workshop thank you as a result of workshop and helping the Lugari Yearly Meeting focus of what they wanted to do and showing them the right use of finances and having budget and making budget plan they went to bank while I was there met John at bank the bank knowing they were Quaker and knowing Quaker values and knowing the community the bank set up workshop and committed to give them loan for their projects. They will have fishery bed, dairy farming self sustaining program. Americans that I know think of Friends United Meeting as missionary organization that is going to countries telling them what to do, how to use their money I see Friends United Meeting as empowering and energizing people to be self sustained. Watching Eden and John work with women … Quaker peace teams I heard about them I know wonderful work they have done but never seen it in action I will probably cry telling about this, they negotiated peace between community who drove people out burned their homes sometimes killed the people and their families … in the refuge camps so they could return home all made possible through funds sent so generously after post election violence. Friends United Meeting … working with Aq… to be part of training workshop that sent peace teams out and commitment Kenyans have bringing peace to their own county it was God’s work and Quakerism at finest. Some friends travel miles to come to these training sessions. No cars, they came on foot, bicycle sometimes overnight with no compensation. Budget provided transportation and meals but no salaries or compensation over travel expenses. They left families children sometimes their jobs. They jeopardized their health to work for peace. And how you would say what did I learn. I learned that missionary is not a bad word evangelism is not a bad word when I traveled with Eden Grace and John Muhanji and people asked me to talk about Quakerism I was evangelizing. I left to be a bridge and to learn none of us knew where it would go. That was my mission and when john said you will talk tomorrow at Uganda I didn’t know what I would say. I’m not a pastor I heard voice you are not a pastor but you are a minister. We are all ministers. Life is our ministry. Your life is your ministry and as I said to people I work with their lives are their ministries. We all demonstrate by our lives what is important to us what we honor. My time is up so I need to tell you while we traveled I learned there is great need for Quaker literature in Kenya. We are losing young people to other churches because they have they talk about what it takes to be member and they have literature. We need to start library. All Quakers over USA will somehow buy books about Quakerism and send to me or Terri and she will get them won’t you. Get them to the Kenyans. John Muhanji and Eden Grace will distribute them. Especially in schools I met school chaplains who teach religion every Friday afternoon by law. Schools are allowed to teach religion every Friday. No literature on Quakers. Kenyans have amazing relationship with God. They are hungry for information about Quakerism. How to incorporate into life. That is my appeal to support field staff who are awesome and I am hopeful God will lead me back next year but in meantime I hope to send as many books as possible for Yearly Meeting and for the schools. Thank you.


Terri: She has lots of great stories and she has more so if you didn’t get enough see her and she will tell you more. Sampson would you like to speak to us. I didn’t get to ask before. He works with Aquavis and he has just a few minutes.

Thank you friends. I feel much obliged to stand before thee and having opportunity to share with you. Terri tells you organization called Aquavis is organization formed to promote renewal in friends church through evangelism and ministry and so I serve on board and officer I find joy doing that work. My area of interest today is about project that has received some support from amongst you, many friends in north American which is Linda friends school is has population of 256 students. It caters to all children all religions but Muslims are dominant so we don’t discriminate wanting only Christians to come to school we accommodate even the Muslim families and we find joy that we are able to bring the children together as a family. The school is run by board of management considered by local friends church and with … from Yearly Meeting. So we have total 8 teachers who are actually volunteers. So for … to be able to put some structures which the school really needed most. So what we have done is to put up 8 classes for the school. Initially the children were gathering in small shelters made by … and carton boxes as classroom … I wish I had a picture of the current school. We have managed to put up the new school and a water tank. It was being raised with 2000 liter capacity so that gives me joy in my heart because clean water in this land is not a purity so what I’m saying is it’s harder to get clean water sometimes … so it is a challenge. That is within so to have a water tank is a blessing. Want to say thank you for friends school we managed to buy desk for children to sit on they used to squat down and write while sitting down. Or sit on wooden mat that would sit about 45 as I talk now we have 2 children sitting on a desk which is really a blessing. We also have been able to make what we call a book shelf. It might sound something not very necessary maybe to north American children but I can tell you to have shelf in a school where you keep books is a blessing so when children come from home they go to shelf pick book they want to read and go ahead. We have been able to buy books recommended by ministry of education so as I talk now the children are using the right syllabus that is recommended by the government for first time the examination they had taken we had first students scored 358 marks that is record. Highest is 500 to us that was a credit so. Observing one of secondary schools. The issue of … program just to see that there is some food in the school. Kenya government … feed a child in the nation they have been able to identify some schools to get this feeding program and Lindi was one. The community comes to Lindi because there is school there. At lunchtime they know they will have food and go home when they are fed. They have received something for future and for the stomach. During the post election violence it was so sad that all food in the store was stolen for that session. We were given permission by the feed a child in the nation that unless we put up better store then it becomes difficult to give us food because we must be responsible for the food. We have to make storage shelves in that room so that food is safer and we have been given rice, corn, beans and oil. I want to summarize very fastly that the challenge we face now is that teachers who are there now they are … what we do aquavis raised… 12 rooms for rental and what we get from the rent about $5 what we get sorry $3 we divide that and give the teachers a salary which is not more than $5 that is not often it is once in awhile. So there is … we are working on how to support the teachers. At end of day the teachers also need some food. Finally many of you … who have come to support some of the students as we talk right now there are 2 students who are now being taken care of by Joseph and Barbara and doing very well. … 8 out of 46 students in secondary school that is as credit. Thank you God bless you for every single even a dollar you give to us those children it isn’t for nothing. It counts. Be blessed. May God raise you up so that he gives you good health so that as you continue think about those children in the shanty area in the slum. You are … thank you all.


Terri: I met Sampson about year and a half ago I didn’t really hear his story until yesterday. Joseph m Kenya known as … sorry got the wrong one. I don’t know the names well. He is head of friends church peace team. He will speak a little today and then more tomorrow.

Joseph: good morning friends.

It’s true but Terri asked me to talk briefly today I say it is a blessing. Let me start by asking members from Friends Theological College who are present here, 19 of them … about the peace program those present and members of my peace team I think good for you to be known here.

Keep standing please.

Keep standing please. There is a second lady I saw here and we were with her when forming peace team. Keep standing lady. I would like also to ask some of you who participated in the program way back … the general secretary can you stand please.

Judy I was looking for her. This is the team that has been doing the job in Kenya. And I think Brent and Sylvia might have some photos to show everyone before conference ends. Thank you very much.

Kenya has had several general elections since independence 1963. But the 2007 general election was special. Special in the sense that people equipped themselves to vote. One requirement is national identity card another item is the national voting card, with these two items people went to vote with a lot of expectations. Expectations to have youthful leadership. Expectations that youths will be employed. Expectation that there will be break away from dominance of leadership from one tribe. Expectation of sharing of national resources … a lot of expectations and this was to come through a new leadership through a changed presidency. The electoral commission of Kenya after election announced different results from the expectation of people. After that announcement people went wild. Houses were abandoned. People were axed to death. Even … were used to cut people to death. There was total … illegal roadblocks were mounted. Then entirely displaced people camps were created where there was no food. There was no propane, no nothing. Hopelessness. Then … came in. friends from US, … friends church peace team being formed and the one before you was asked to chair that team. As we were doing our work the community wanted even to stone us there was a time when they came to meeting … we didn’t know… but if we made a slight mistake of asking them to accept their neighbors back we would be stoned. Fortunately after some time these same hostile communities after hours talking to them, hours listening to them they accepted the very people they drove away. They accepted them back. Even taking them into their own houses because this tiny community we have a name for those who have been driven away the name returning community we gave the remaining community the name the receiving community this returning community went back to neighbors who received them back. The returning community didn’t have anything like a house, lost everything everything had been destroyed. Receiving community took them into their houses. Received enemy. You can see the type of joy we get the … the mandates that God gave expects me to talk about it tomorrow. But in brief the … the ones who wanted to kill John now were ready to receive that community. Through your generosity in the states and other places. That that happens. We also have a film about what happened. The houses, names, church, people inside as we are … we have that film and I wish you have time to see it at 3:30 today for those who are curious maybe that will help you understand the situation in Kenya. Maybe … thank you so much.


Terri: Thank you Joseph. If you are here today and you have nothing that is another meeting you have to attend that would be a great one to go to. It is supposed to be I announced it earlier. I didn’t bring that up with me in music room at 3:30 pm.

Next couple I had known for quite some time in different situation Ben and Jody Richmond come from Friends Theological College I knew Ben back in the 80s when we worked Friends United Meeting together back then. He continues on and off forever he kept retiring and coming back. I left and then I came back long time later but I did come back. Been interesting we worked different situation he was more supervisor I was nonsupervisory and now roles more reversed. Ben and Jody will share about Friends Theological College.

Ben: God is good. All the time. That is his nature and therefore he deserves a high five. This is what you have to do you see we are learning this in worship at the Friends Theological College. So God is good all the time all the time God is good that is his nature and therefore he deserves a high five. God is good all the time that is his nature and he deserves a high five.

Even in the context of what he was talking about God is good. I want to say Mamai could you stand Ababu could you stand and is … these members of our board of governors at Friends Theological College and we are so happy to have strong board appointed by coming from the friends church in Kenya. Thank you so much for your service and we with Seth clerk of … and chair of Yearly Meeting could be here but he was unable to. I would also like to have Sampson I mean Simon sorry he is pastor in Lugari and a member of faculty at Friends Theological College he teaches everything and currently also student himself learning Greek so you see what kind of strength we have at bible college.

I wonder if there are others here who have come who are formerly associated with Friends Theological College I know some of you are. If you could stand if you have been a student graduated from the college.


Any other who have worked at the college. I know the Davidsons are here. I will pick on you now. And Pat our volunteer teacher. Everywhere we have gone in USA or in Kenya the world is full of people who have had close association with Friends Theological College. Every time we go to conference a speaker at Yearly Meeting in Kenya so often the conference speaker is graduate of college. This has been such an important part of the life of the church there. We would like to share a little bit of the energy of the college by showing you about 3-4 minutes of a video we have and you can pick up one from us it is DVD for those from Kenya this is done on North American format so we can make you copies later in Kenya if you want them. Can you roll that just a moment.

Thank you

(PowerPoint presentation – singing)

*God has really used them.

There are some things for example … clapping and singing and because …


We have 147 students.

Ben: It’s a teaser.

Jody: I’d like to talk a few minutes about some of my own personal experience being at Friends Theological College when we came Ben was as principal and teaches a course and I taught some courses after post election violence some of my other skills came into play I am by profession a mental health counselor. Before going to Kenya I did special work on trauma counseling so there I was and there was trauma. So when second semester was supposed to start in January we postponed one week thinking things would calm down they got worse we decided to open and proclaim God’s kingdom on earth against evil around us and start second semester on faith that God would provide and students would be able to return. When we finally we spent first day in prayer and telling stories and then started classes I was helping Ben he was teaching theology class. We did this for 2 reasons by beginning having students share if they closed their eyes and thought about their most vivid memory following elections what did they think of usually pretty disturbing memories we had them share these. First was because of part of healing process to help them express what they carry with them and not just pretend life is going on like nothing happened. That was one reason. Second was we were teaching Quaker theology and we asked them what theological questions did these experiences raise for you. Some questions were like where was God. How can people do this kind of evil to other people. What happens to those innocent who died. And was God asleep. So we raised these questions and we wrestled with them dealt with them. We asked does Quaker theology have answers to these questions and we found they do. It took seeking for each student. Myself I found I was asked to help with the friends church peace team helping volunteer counselors do volunteer counseling. I was gonna tell about one student but I think that gives a little taste for what I have been doing and what Friends Theological College has been doing responding to situation we find ourselves in in Kenya.

Ben: Some of the kinds of violence peace team worked with and we won’t tell the story but some of our students were witnesses to extreme violence and many staff members had family members chased away. Everyone in Kenya was deeply affected we thank you for your support in this. Now I want to ask again for Rich and Sandy Davis to stand. Some 10 years ago 11 years ago friends in Indiana Yearly Meeting made visit to Friends Theological College bible institute and did assessment. Looking at evidence of college at that point it was in serious decline they decided important to invest in future of friends church by bringing that institution back up. Rich and Sandy went to situation where there were buildings … leaky roof and only few students. Before we left we had 11 students. Now as you heard Angeline we expect 147 this fall. Thank you rich and Sandy for helping lay foundation for this renewed growth.


Since then others have come and gone including Patrick…who have invested in academic life of college. Started moving toward bachelor of theology program first class completed first year now in that program. With that growth in that short amount of time there are a lot of problems so we have challenge… in my experience going there has been like holding on to a beast that is just running wild through the forest. But I know it’s going in a good direction. We won’t have time to tell you things but bullet items. We need to establish a set of administrative foundations for work in the college new employee handbooks budget matters, student constitution needs to be revamped. So we are doing little things like that which you would find too boring to have us put in newsletters but they take a lot of time and we are working on that. Of course we what seems like a miracle the Meetinghouse finally in February opened we were able to use it and just last week I had email from Joseph finance officer saying we have furniture in Meetinghouse now. Thank you NC Yearly Meeting.


I know I don’t have any time but you know when you have 147 students you need dormitory space we kicked faculty out of offices to use for dorm space. We are building more. The roof is on the new building so we are moving forward. Come to our workshop there are things I would like to tell you. We have $30,000 challenge grant out to help meet infrastructure needs. Perhaps you can help us find that $30,000 so we can have students.

As we travel among Yearly Meetings that is most important thing we have to do go to students in their villages. Everywhere we go Yearly Meeting are so committed to training their pastors. Many have started their own bible schools and ask Friends Theological College to oversee the work of the bible school. That is so important but it’s something that has to be in the future as we grow. In meantime we know that we are servant of Yearly Meeting there. And we have students from all of the Yearly Meetings in Kenya we have students from Rwanda and this year we go from 3 students from Congo and Tanzania to about 8. The work continues to grow. Thank you very much.

Terri: Thank you Ben and Judy they also have great stories. We were supposed to have Kaimosi task force and … next but I understand they will be waiting. We don’t eat until 12:15 so those watching the clock we still have a few minutes Eden is wonderful you’ll want to hear her to.

Eden Grace: I want to apologize to Vicki so many Kenyans appreciate this I will speak fast because that is all the time I have thank you Vicki for trying.


As the field staff in African ministry office everything you heard this morning is under my umbrella but all being done by the people you heard from the 100s they represent. So much good work in Africa through Friends United Meeting. So many committed and energized and equipped friends doing ministry of friends. God is at work in Africa. God is using African friends. And my role is not to try to manage all of that. Who can mange outflowing energy of God. I can’t try. My work is to try to be consultant of sorts to energize and equip the work that is going on and the bubbling up of new work and the incredible creativity and energy of African friends. My work is to walk alongside to energize, equip support encourage coordinate and consult I’m matchmaker between north Americans and Kenyans. I help volunteer find work, donors find projects to support answer millions of questions because donors and partners care about what is going on. I’m conduit global partnership flows through. What sorry. And I also as Lisa pointed out have particular ministry around business management finances and governments. God help me when I was in seminary I didn’t know what he placed on me. He gave me ministry of church administration. I despaired and I felt called to missions. They are nurses, doctors. Etc. who needs missionary church administration. God had a place for me. I care passionately about the right use as Christians of our resources. Not just finances but all resources. Time energy attention world’s resources and of course our money and I work with all projects and all Yearly Meetings to be the most faithful witness we can be to the gift God gave us. I do all this. I wrote report Eden Grace field staff report to Friends United Meeting Triennial It was in general board packets. I think there are more downstairs I want you to know how many pots my fingers are in. it’s exciting. I’m your bridge so use that. Sylvia asked me to speak about post election violence and relief funds pouring in. we have never seen money come in like this. We hardly have even asked for it. It just came. I don’t think we put out single appeal. Just said this is what’s happening and this is what comes. I can’t say dollars $135,000 they say. I want to give you some short information on what we have done with that money. First thing we did in cooperation with fwcc is have peace conference in January it’s amazing to me now that we had conference when we did. We put together from initial idea to conference on ground was about 10 days we had about 70 Kenyan leaders among Kenyan friends. I think it was breakthrough moment for almost first time we had together in one place leaders of all Yearly Meetings and leaders of all of the kind of Quaker … that work in Africa that were disconnected from Yearly Meeting we saw this as moment to bring that energy together. Out of that, we didn’t know what would come but felt God calling us to respond to what was happening they appointed friends church peace team and gave our mandate. That spirit has persisted and been source of strength and impact of this work. The … were going to do something anyway but we have individual Quaker from Yearly Meeting village meeting etc who have never seen themselves as peace makers who are responding like they never expected. Ordinary people volunteer time and go to front line and meet with people who are extremely hostile. And testifying to power of God’s transformation and making a difference. Nobody could have written that in a strategic plan that’s a God thing. So from the end of conference we didn’t know actually that days we held conference would turn out to be days of most intense violence we experienced conference was Thursday through Sunday and on Saturday … burned and on Monday I was evacuated by US embassy no Tuesday Monday they attacked school children in Kisumu and my children had to be hidden away.

I was sitting in guest house in Nairobi was was powerless I wanted to be with you in the camps I was stuck in Nairobi. Humbling to realize God was maybe asking me not to be on the front line of that work. To not take anything away from the fact that it was Kenyans doing peace work. We fed people and after month in Nairobi we returned home and school and work continued. Months February and March focused on reaching IDP internally displaced people technical term for refuge who has not crossed international border. There are united nations convention if they cross border but internally displaced person does not have right to be fed and clothed. Many organization primarily Kenyan red cross attempted to meet needs but there were 3000 Kenyans in short period of time. No tents, no food stored. Many of these people were in informal settlements camping in churches, market centers. Red cross didn’t identify them. Some camps established by red cross. We tried to identify gaps for IDPs that no one was helping. We identified them through local meeting there are 35 families in church compound. We went several days a week going different places feeding, praying, counseling, listening to stories. That was humanitarian phase. In addition to that. Of relief funds send portion also given to each project partner when you hear from Sampson that all the food for 3 months of feeding program was stolen well we gave donation to help address that situation. And when in Turkana the Turkana people have no part in this political conflict and the issues between the various different ethnic groups they are not part of but Turkanas living in this valley were chased away because mood was so hostile that everyone was chased away. There was IDP camp and we gave funds for them to minister to IDP in … some portion of money was used by project partners and some by peace team. In April transition in work was needed and focusing more on long term issues of reconciliation. Closed phase one and started phase two involving identifying with 50 volunteer I think now trained in that the mediation reconciliation resettlement and accompaniment of people as we attempt to integrate them. What the government was trying to do under heavy pressure from international community was wrong course of action. They wanted to put everyone in trucks and drive across county and dump them or … this was multiethnic society for ages. They called it ethnic cleansing but backed off from that. They didn’t want implications that that is what was happening. Or forcing them to go back to where they were chased away from without program for reconciliation so this is where we felt if not addressed now the next general election 5 years from now will just see an escalating spiral of violence. Over decades if you don’t see true and deep peace and reconciliation you just sow seeds for next .. we are working in close cooperation with Africa … initiative they are running workshops alternatives to violence. And program developed called HROC healing and rebuilding our community Florence raise hand I hope you all get chance to talk to her only 5-6 people trained to level being able to train people in this methodology she is great resource to us in Kenya. To break cycle of violence and integrate communities back into harmonious society. Friends United Meeting has a strategic plan one priority on that plan is evangelism if someone said a year ago that Friends United Meeting should go to civil war situation the ethics would appall us but when you live prophetic and … there is no more powerful evangelistic message than that. We are not trying to make Quakers we don’t try we do the work but there are hundreds of people now thinking these are Christians who mean what they say and put their lives on the line for it. I want to know more. I will wrap up. Last thing I want to say and I know you have had lots of appeals for money and I just need to add one. Because all of the incredible and amazing work you hear this morning and all week it all happens through … the the Friends Theological College or Kenya relief fund or schools not one penny of that supports me and my children and the food that goes on our table. Not one penny if you want that work to continue if you think that work is important please make corresponding gift if Sambubu is passion make corresponding gift to my account. Because you want to get the information back about it please remember my ministry account.


Terri: I hope after hearing all these people this morning and yesterday you understand why I like to call them my field staff and I hope you can say same thing. These are my field staff can you say that. These are my field staff. Can you say that one more time. These are my field staff.

*couldn’t hear you.

Terri: These are my field staff.

Alright. That’s great. As your field staff they need your continued support not only financially but also in prayers but financial donations are what keep them going. Prayers keep them going emotionally but financial donations keep them in the field doing the work you’ve been hearing about. I have just a few additional announcements someone gave me. There will be meeting 3pm Alice page white room near chapel all welcome and Saturday 3:45 same room.
New York Yearly Meeting friends Saturday… Africa … need volunteer and need ride to Harrisburg pa talk … field staff meeting earlier 1:45 pm in library but note on library door to tell you where.

Thank you Terri. Friends I hope yesterday afternoon and this morning you have been informed and received report from field staff with great appreciation I also hope that as you listen and learn ponder on all the work taking place that you sense a need to respond to our higher calling which is to energy and equip friends through the power of the holy spirit that Jesus be known in all places as our Lord and savior. Since we are in business setting I will ask you with great appreciation do you approve acceptance of these reports from field staff.


Thought you might thank you so very much. Before I ask Ruth Kimsey to ask God to bless noon meal l have a couple of things. .I want to recognize Andrew Tomlinson if you would stand.

*Andrew had to leave he was here for most of program.

Let me tell you Andrew is our new Quaker … office director quickly adjusting to united nation office director and adjusting to his role as Quaker ambassador. Also an interest group meeting today 2 pm see me or some staff for location. Also I have a note from our healthcare station the blue unit parked to west of Meetinghouse I know some of you have visited there some more than once very appreciative of unit being here they sent note we have a few people with fevers in gathering and they suggest after greetings or handshaking that we do wash our hands so we can contain that.

Janice Spainhour I have your keys. Enjoy remainder of day workshop and fellowship and look forward to concert please stand.

Ruth please bless the meal.

Ruth: Oh loving God you overwhelm us with your power and love. You show us that what humanity needs to healing … these wonderful people who represent us in the field. We go now to nourish our bodies ask you to bless the food we will receive and bless the hands who prepared this. May we use this nourishment in your service that we may fully support people who represent us and that we may make a difference in Christ’s name amen.