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FUM - Afternoon Business Session

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(piano playing)

If you would please take a hymnal and turn to page 353. Sing victory in Jesus.

You don’t look excited yet. Stand up.

(piano playing)

I heard an old old story how a savior game from glory how he gave his life on Calvary to save a wretch like me I heard about his … of his precious blood’s atoning

Oh victory in Jesus my savior forever. He sought me and bought me with his redeeming blood. He loved me ere I knew him and all my love is due him he plunged me to victory beneath the cleansing flood.

I heard about his healing of his … revealing how he … to and caused the blind to see. And dear Jesus … and spirit and somehow Jesus … to me the victory
Oh victory in Jesus my savior forever. He sought me and bought me with his redeeming blood. He loved me ere I knew him. And all my love is due him.
He plunged me to victory beneath the cleansing flood.

I heard about a mansion he has built for me in glory and heard about the streets of gold beyond the crystal sea. About the angels singing and the …old redemption story and some sweet day I’ll sing up there a song of victory.
Oh victory in Jesus.
My savior forever.
He sought me and he bought me
With his redeeming blood.
He loved me ere I knew him.
And all my love is due him.
He plunged me to victory beneath the cleansing flood.

Thank you.

Please be seated.

Heavenly father we thank you for the blessings of this beautiful day we thank you for your presence. Thank you for good time, good fellowship we enjoy this beautiful day. Father we ask you continue to cover us with your blessings. Continue to unveil your way to us to show us the way that we might do all to glorify you. All God’s people say amen.

For the next hour we will turn attention to reports coming to you from individual missionaries. They talked earlier about … but this afternoon and in morning you will hear from people on the front line. We will have time to interact and ask questions. At end of this session … we will have a few announcements then we will continue to enjoy the day. Turn to global ministries. I will ask … if he will lead us and welcome our missionaries.


Terri: Good afternoon. I am so glad to be here. One thing really exciting for me is that it seems like every single time I turn around someone stands there I know. That is so amazing to me. I was talking to some friends at work today downstairs in worship this morning. Every time I turn around and see someone I know feels like God is reminding me of blessings I have in my life. Thank you for so much for hugs and all your wonderful wonderful ability to make me feel so good here and so welcome. I have one woman doing this she is flipping me blessings. So grateful for that. First Angela she was worried if I told her when she would go she would get nervous. She is from Jamaica. Not field staff but works for education council there. She will help us learn more about Jamaica.

Angela: Thank you Terri. And good afternoon greetings from Jamaica. First I would like to say how wonderful it is to be here. Not long ago and in Jamaica we have a … I will speak a little about vacation bible school since I’m in NC I will put that first. I feel it was in 1990 that I met Mary Glenn and … in Jamaica. They did workshop and after that session a year later the director for Christian … Jamaica ministry asked if we wanted to do vacation bible school in Jamaica. I think this year is 17th year of vacation bible school in Jamaica and I would like to really thank NC Yearly Meeting for sponsoring this wonderful children’s ministry. We started in five churches in Jamaica that year. And I’m happy to say we now serve over 2500 children in 11 of our meetings and that is wonderful so it is … the children have their holidays around bible school time, they expect us there this week but because of this we will start bible school on 21st. Monday I will leave here and Mary and a team of 29 will arrive in Jamaica to do bible school in all the churches. We are very grateful to NC for this ministry. I will go to the children’s … friends educational council limited is educational arm of Jamaica Yearly Meeting of friends. Friends United Meeting is part of that ministry. And it is governed by a council of 9 persons. They meet and decide how we should administer … Last year October we lost 2 buildings. Main great house and the house … office superintendents office we lost building with library and all computers. A tailor shops and also the schoolroom where we housed the material that we had. At that time we were working on the … and we have finished that. We I remember when that happened. We did not have phone service and I asked Mary to get in touch with Terri to tell about disaster. She sent message out about disaster so friends would know about it. So grateful for that. We have been receiving support lots of support from friends. At this time we have 78 boys, children as residents in the boys school. We have this because of the dorms that were built. We built a dorm and had 37 boys before then and because of this dorm we were able to … some have left us and so we are going to accept … it’s a big ministry our superintendent has been doing a wonderful job … we have to pay for transportation to and from school. We receive support… at this time there are activities for the children at home now. Some have gone home to spend time with their guardians and also parents. What we do with them is when they are 16 or 17 years of age we try to send them home to build relationships with their family so when they reach 18 they can adjust to where they will live for the rest of their lives. We are now building the now putting on the roof of the damaged building this building was badly damaged by the fire. It housed the kitchen, the sick bay and the laundry area. God has blessed us we were able to raise funds to build a temporary laundry area. And also the kitchen. We are we have removed all the wooden structure on the roof and now preparing to put the concrete slab on that building. So we are trying to do that before hurricanes. We have another mission. Let me got to … because we were not satisfied friends education council was not satisfied with management of girls home health inspectors came and saw that the dining hall and library were in basement and we raised the floors in the basement they came and saw for themselves. We have 12 children there. The board decided to close temporarily until we can do a building on the ground level to house the dining hall and kitchen area. We had plans to build the library on top of the superintendent’s office. Not sure if we can do that now. Priority is to build dining room and also the kitchen so we have plans to get … and then we can move to fundraising. Small cottage on property close to main building we can house 12 children in that small cottage. We are trying to reopen that. Before December. So prayers and financial support will help us do that. It will cost a lot of money to refurbish that little cottage. I would like to remind friends that we also have another mission. High school it is in the eastern end of island most of you might know it. High school and we are looking for a principal ours has reached retirement age and we need fresh wind for the school we are now in process of interviewing persons. We also looking to replace a retired vice principal as well. Seaside meeting is just beside the school. Lot of you will know that hurricane Gilbert had demolished the roof of that meeting house and American friends really came to our aid. … from New York Yearly Meeting was good at raising support for us. We report building is covered with a nice roof now. We would like to touch a little on young friends we would like to just ask for your prayers. We are in process of training young people to take over from the older ones. So we would ask your prayers. Thank you very much for giving me honor of speaking on friends of Jamaica and greetings again from Jamaica Yearly Meeting.


Terri: If we have one or two questions we have just another minute.

She did a great job.

*Has Lindall been closed down.

Angela: Temporarily.

*How many students are at high school.

Angela: I think over 1500. Not sure.

Terri: Thank you. Appreciate that.

Ok. Jamaica is pretty amazing place. She works and works. Good person to keep things together. Next person is Judy Davis. She has been volunteer for us been couple of times at Kaimosi hospital she is a nurse and she will tell us a little.


One of the things my Kenyan friends love to do is teach me new words I say them all the time and don’t really know what I’m saying. I just tried those out. We Americans love to count things. Bless Sylvia’s heart did she count everything global ministry is doing. I wish I could say I helped deliver 200 babies and gave 1000 immunization. I was invited primarily because I was nurse but because of licensing difficulties I was exempted from everything except psychiatric work. I was able to work with a few people the nurses assigned me. I always know it will be interesting case. The thing helped me the most I came to Kenya with open heart and rebuilt Dell laptop computer. Soon as they knew I could do word and excel spreadsheets I did many administrative tasks. All interesting. I do minutes. Any of you do reporting clips. I did that. I worked with a ward to help with assignments they needed done. I can appreciate Friends United Meeting staff as soon as Triennial is over. They will be busy doing that. That is what happened to me at Kaimosi hospital board. They had a ton of work to do and I was able to help facilitate that. You know you’re doing something if you come back second year and find you’re still doing it. Lisa Stewart just found me and gave me baby bonnets. Thing we did first trip over was started baby packet for new moms. You know it’s marketing gimmick to give them packet with kanga, hat, booties, nappie, anything else we had on hand to put in and soon all women knew if you went to Kaimosi to have baby you would go home with all these things. Now people find me and give me booties, and hats, I mail about once a month to get them over there. My trunks will soon be so full of these things I won’t have room for clothes. They gave me 2 minutes. I appreciate the remarks you have a choice to go or send money. If you have will to go and some of you can’t go and you won’t go, lots of good reasons for that. But if you can come there is something about the passion you get and the people’s lives that you see and are involved in going to the IDP camps I just had never seen anything like that. It touches your heart and you come back to the states we can help our friends in Kenya and Jamaica. I’m so glad to hear everything we have done there. I guess if I start crying I’m through talking. Bye.


Terri: Judy is one of three people speaking in workshop this afternoon. If you haven’t heard enough of her crying you can come back. Look her up if you have questions. The other 2 people in workshop under my name. I will do same thing as here. Sampson Ababu he will speak about … other Joseph … with peace team. If you haven’t signed up for workshop and you want to hear them. Another volunteer she has volunteer for us at Friends Theological College this year she spent time in Belize there she is. I thought she left the room.

This year she volunteered for us at Belize boy’s school.

First I want to say thank you to all who send cards, emails, letters. Nice to hear from people. You can sign any card if someone asks. We are just grateful to know someone took time and that they prayed for us. We know you pray at other times. I have 2 questions. How many retired. How many will retire next 3-5 years. Sylvia… what I have is for you. When I was getting ready to retire some years ago. I went to pastor don’t want to be … and can’t afford Florida. He said why don’t you go to Africa and teach. I sent email and I visited and end is I spent 6 years teaching in Kenya between September and December. Then opportunities changed. This year January through March this Indiana girl was in Belize. Tough but missionary life is hard. Tropical places in winter. Here are some things I did. Support field staff. I was there with Rich and Sandy. … Patrick and Mary Kate and in Belize with Michael Cain. As much as we appreciate cards and notes nice to have someone in flesh. Has same point of reference. Understands jokes. When everyone around you is different culture nice to … went to teach in both places. I was not trained as teacher. I spent 31 years in factory building auto parts. Then I went to Africa.

Another thing I did in Kenya was work in library there is always lots of detail work. In both places I visited homes. Student’s homes in both places. Learn a lot about the culture when you leave the school and go where the kids come from. Gives you different appreciation. As volunteer you make lifelong friends around the world. Those are things. Importance of ministry in Belize small school but changing some things little by little. Many of these boys don’t have much opportunity beyond the street. We learned a lot on career day. One of teachers arranged for people to come in talk to the boys. He lived close to school. He had to walk long way to school to avoid gangs. He asked the boys all raised hands they have to go around to avoid gangs.

It’s better to build boys than repair men. We don’t have prison ministry there we are there to build boys. When I first felt called I felt like I worked best with adults. And when pastor asked me to go to Africa. Lot of people say just don’t send me to Africa I said God use me but just not with junior high boys.


Terri: Thanks Pat. She talked about experience in Belize. Next people is couple Mike and Kay Cain field staff in Belize they have been there very long time. They will tell you more about Belize and what it’s like there. Their business is about building boys. Mike is coming but Kay I want you to come you don’t have to speak but at least come up here people want to see you.

Kay: Good afternoon I will say that and thank you for support throughout the years.

Mike: good afternoon. Good to be here. I think. I got all excited about this. I wrote out my presentation at 3 am this morning all sorts of things began to flood into my mind. I will try to stick with what I prepared but I brought my cup because the song fill my cup is my favorite song. This is how I got where I’m at with the Lord. This is my reminder of the day. If you hear me say fill my cup that’s kind of what I’m trying to do. I will give brief history of Belize. On first Monday 9/1993 … opened door to friends school now friends boy school there was probably 25 young men entered that class. Then late October 1995 Kay and I went to Belize. We didn’t go with Friends United Meeting. Not with missions organization. We went because we felt God calling us to Belize. We sold house, sold furniture, sold everything and went to Belize. We went to Belize with desire and yearning in heart to do something for boys in Belize. That came out of working in 1988 when we finished the work where do you see friends going. She said friends need to be doing something for the boys. They ask why don’t we like them. The boys didn’t have anything then. In 1993 she started school. In 1995 Kay and I arrived in Belize at this time we didn’t know Sadie had started school in January 1997 Florence Perry came to help Sadie with curriculum for girls school but a teacher at boy’s school died during Christmas break. Florence was asked to teach a class in boy’s school while doing curriculum for girls’ school. When Florence was coming family of hers from Indiana came to us and said will you keep eye on Florence. She is 5’1” ball of fire. Belize is this little country that hey manyana. If Florence wants it done, she wants it done now. We tried to transition her to slower lifestyle. While she was there school set up first board of directors. Friends United Meeting said we want to have someone on board that can cosign checks so we have little better accounting of money. Well Kay and I were only foreigners there Quaker foreigners there. We had first meeting they are good train went through at high speed I finished as chairman or secretary and have been head of board since then. In 1998 we were encouraged to apply for field team. The second floor apartment is now second floor classroom. We sent email to Rita and said we would like to be considered for this position and much to our surprise she said you’re hired see me when you get back and sign contract. We had never met her. But I think it was the 3 pastors on work team also emailed Rita and said we need to do this. That Kay and I received our appointment. That is how we ended up with Friends United Meeting in Belize. In 1999 we applied for license to operate as a school and we received it 1999. A license from ministry of education post primary school was at this time we changed name to Belize friends boy’s school. In June 1999 we held first graduation. After taking over management during preparations for graduation one of the boys deserved chance to go to high school. He finished first in class and he was not filling out applications for high school. When I spoke to him and I asked why he was not he looked at floor and immediately I knew it was the money a few dollars. I invited his mother to school and asked her I said Francisco needs to go to high school. She dreamed he would work in office. I asked if we could give Francisco scholarship to high school. She took my hand squeezed my hand excuse me it still breaks me up she said I’ll trust my son to you. I walked his papers down to a high school he was accepted on my recommendation he graduated 4 years later. Salutorian. In same class 2 other classmates also went on to high school. There were others but these really stood out in my mind. The other 2 classmates the bright lights. They graduated 4 years later. Both of those were valedictorians. Both boys coming from primary school in Belize had been told you are not smart enough to go to high school, not good enough, you can’t do it. They graduated from high school. Francisco was first scholarship from boy’s school. Francisco has since completed 3 years at university of Belize. Learning English to teach English as second language. Other 2 boys one I knew went on to Wesley college junior college post secondary school in first graduating class and now studying environmental science at university of Belize.

In between all of these boys there have been over 200 boys gone through the school friends boy’s school.. large number of these gone on to high school and others gone on to university. All were told you can’t do it. Not smart enough. Not good enough. You can’t go. In that very first class there was a young man in that class who went to high school we know because he serves on board as alumni. In September this year he will be our head teacher. Finishing bachelor’s degree in primary education from university of west indies. … move to construction of friends high school. Necessary more than ever as more are better prepared for high school only to be told no space available. We are able to purchase 3.19 acres of land for hefty price $0.50 cents Euros that was accomplishment because land was on lease first. You have to do improvements first and then apply to purchase. I wrote the minister of lands a letter asking permission to purchase land because we talked of writing grant and needed title to land to write grant and 2 months later letter came back from minister of lands natural resources. I had forgotten about the letter. I opened it and standing in office reading letter and I think we can afford this. I reached in pocket and drove immediately to lands office to pay before they changed their mind. That is how we got that piece of property. I have a dream for high school for certain type of building for high school. If you look at display downstairs you will see picture with palm trees. That building is … classrooms, home ec, cafeteria, gym, costs about 1 million US dollars. Lot of money how much are the lives of these young people worth. We are talking about planning churches. And you do this to plant churches. If we build high school with 450 students we have 450 potential church planters for friends churches in Belize every year. In Belize we are retired to teach religious class. Every school is required to teach religious class. So why haven’t we. Why haven’t we. Have you heard about Belize heard the story. I don’t know. At present time costs about $25,000 US to operate prep school.

That’s not our salaries wish it was but our salary is only small portion. Kay and I would like to retire. I have found that at age of 65 it’s effort to deal with teenage boys. Harder to find patience. We would really like to retire and just enjoy tropical climate. We hope end of this year. We planned to retire last year so we extended one year and now we will stay on until I guess December of this year. Pat’s coming down and she better be there when I walk out so somebody has to get the keys. At present time we need to raise $30,000 between now and end of year. So when we walk out December 31 our account with Friends United Meeting should be clear. I don’t want deficit in my account with Friends United Meeting. But we just want to thank you. It’s been pleasure all these years to attend meetings. NC you ladies I get more birthday cards from NC ladies than any other group of ladies. You guys know how to send greeting cards. Nice come March to start going to mailbox and find birthday cards. We really appreciate those. She gets here at home because her birthday is in June. We pray who follows us you will support them. As you have supported us.

Fill my cup is my song when you sing the song fill my cup for me. And it goes fill my cup Lord I lift it up. It’s not this cup. It’s not this cup. It’s this cup.
It’s this cup. I lift this cup. And ask God to fill it. I did that years ago I was searching Kay and I were married I attended Quaker church but something wasn’t right. I started going to revival meetings. Sitting in living room one day winter on couch all alone in front of fireplace I just sat there saying Lord I leaned back and it was like a bright light very warm heat coming from ceiling all over my body.
That was the point I didn’t want to open my eyes. Didn’t want it to go away. After that I made 2 mission trips to Jamaica. Never been anywhere. That is what happened to me. That’s why it’s fill my cup. I ask you as Triennial Yearly Meeting have you asked God to fill your cup. Have you asked God to fill your cup.

(Singing) fill my cup Lord I lift it up Lord come refresh this thirsting of my soul. …. Lead me till I want no more. Fill my cup fill it up and make me whole.

Terri: I’ve always really liked …to share with us but I think would be a good way to end ….

Friends boy’s school is on coast and many cruise ships stop. Just 2 blocks away city is different.

Located in a slum area mike and Kay wish for more space. Sign says bridging gap between poverty and possibilities friends’ boys school.

Two teachers currently.

The boys say hello to you.

Thanks for the donated computers.

The dream for expanding the ministries. This block chapel and adjoining apartment located about 25 miles inland from Belize city in 1980.
Thanks to work team has garage 2 years ago. Work team 2 years ago block building was expanded to garage to help maintain property.

Some day a friends high school not enough high schools in Belize to hold students. School is wanted by community could Friends United Meeting build one here. Same 3 acres. Walk to edge of property.
Most villages have water and electricity we walk to edge to view another water source. In chapel some kids came by perhaps looking for church or school to attend what will it take. We have hopes of ASHA grant to help us but we need preexisting program for them to help. Mike thinks we can fill school for 400-500 students and don’t forget about the girls. This property 30 acres located about 20 miles from Belize city also belongs to Friends United Meeting. Sadie Vernon dreamed of using for retreat and gardens. Fertile soil with lush tropical plans. Not Mike’s vacation home. We call it Friends United Meeting guest house while we were there. Someone or creatures dwell on property but don’t k now who or how many.
There are Mayan ruins close by. Altun Ha are just a few minutes from there. Original temple was actually 3 levels higher than this. Some climbed to top some not at all. Careful Terri Friends United Meeting needs you in Richmond Indiana. What are called to do. Maintain school start worship center. Establish high school retreat training center or conclude efforts in Belize and use resources elsewhere.

Friends this concludes our time for this session. Let us pause for just a moment.

Heavenly father we thank you for Holy Spirit present with us. It is your spirit that guides us comforts us and nurtures us. Lord we are thankful for missionaries for being so faithful answering your call. Lord as we learn as we seek and understand more about you we ask that you would … that we might do all that we can do that we glorify that all might come to know you in very personal way. Thank you in name of Christ.

Friends we have 3 announcements. First question on my part does anyone know where registration sheet is this morning, sign in sheet.

Did it make it around to there.

Didn’t make it on this side. Did it make it to the back. So it’s about there. Let’s finish it up. If it missed you please sign it so we can register your presence in minutes of meeting. First announcement early worship 6:30 in morning at Hampton Inn will be in Jefferson room 400 and 401 Jefferson Room. Others may start worship service in your own space. Second announcement. Those who signed up to go on short outing trip with … you know who you are you need to meet with Dale, Seek Dale at 6:00 following evening meal. Message committee the other announcement first meeting will happen at this time on front steps outside meeting house. If you meet with enjoy remainder of the day. Workshops begin at 3:45 pm.

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