Thursday, July 10, 2008

FUM - Morning Business Session

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Friends United Meeting 2008 Triennial
Business Sessions

If you will take hymnal and sing to God be the glory.


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To God be the glory.

To God be the glory great things he hath gone so loved he the world that he gave us his son.
To live … atonement for sin that all … that all may go in.

Praise the Lord let the earth hear his voice
Praise the Lord let the people rejoice come to the father through Jesus the son and give him the glory great things he hath done.
Oh perfect redemption the purchase of blood … to every believer … who truly believes that … praise the Lord let the earth hear his voice praise the Lord let the people rejoice. Oh come to the father through Jesus the son and give him the glory great things he hath done.
Great things he hath taught us great things he hath done and great our rejoicing through Jesus the son.
… and … when Jesus we see.
Praise the Lord praise the Lord let the earth hear his voice
Praise the Lord praise the Lord let the people rejoice.

Oh come to the father through Jesus the son and give him the glory great things he hath done.

Thank you be seated.

Friends good morning
What a beautiful day hope you all had a good night’s rest. Smile on your face.

What a beautiful campus. Beautiful day for us all to be together again. Welcome to 2008 Triennial first business session.
We want to welcome a lot of folks, greet a lot of folks. Begin with worship and then enter into business.
For opening minutes today. As we gather on beautiful campus of High Point friends meeting we come with hope proclaiming Jesus Christ as teacher and Lord. We faithfully seek … may we pray

Heavenly father we thank you for our bounty and blessing. Blessings that grow immeasurably. We thank you for your teaching and guidance. The comfort you bring. Thank you for brining us all together. Ask you for your blessings. May you always find us faithful. Walking humbly with our eyes upon you. We pray these things to you. And your son Jesus.

I’d like to introduce our officers. Gary Farlow from Wilmington Kay recording clerk and Sylvia Graves general secretary. Roll call we want to recognize you all by your Yearly Meeting. If you will stand. We may need a little help from our pages. There you are. If you will help us with the number of people.

Our reporting clerk will call the Yearly Meeting so please stand and remain standing until we get a count of all here. And we have some minutes from individual we will share with you and we want your individual names we will begin passing sign up sheet around. Please start on this side.

Baltimore Yearly Meeting.

22 wow thank you.

Bware Yearly Meeting.

One here.

Bware Yearly Meeting.


Canadian Yearly Meeting.

Central Yearly Meeting.

We have 2 great thank you.

Chavakali Yearly Meeting.

Chwele Yearly Meeting.

Thank you.

Cuba Yearly Meeting.

East Africa Yearly Meeting.


Thank you friends.

East Africa Yearly Meeting north.

Elgon east Yearly Meeting.

Elgon religious society of friends.

Great plains Yearly Meeting

Indiana Yearly Meeting.

Iowa Yearly Meeting.

Jamaica Yearly Meeting.

Kakamega Yearly Meeting.

Lugari Yearly Meeting.

Malava Yearly Meeting.

Nairobi Yearly Meeting.

New England Yearly Meeting.

Thank you.

New York Yearly Meeting.

Thank you.

NC Yearly Meeting.
North Carolina Yearly Meeting.

South eastern Yearly Meeting.

Thank you.

Tuloi Yearly Meeting.

Uganda Yearly Meeting.

Vihiga Yearly Meeting.

Thank you.

Vokoli Yearly Meeting.

Thank you.

Western association Yearly Meeting.

Thank you.

Western Yearly Meeting.

Thank you.

Wilmington Yearly Meeting.

Thank you friends. As you can tell we have good representation from almost all of our 29 Yearly Meetings and …

This is great to have all of you in attendance. We have traveling minutes. Laura and Dale … please stand.

They are not here right now. Also Elizabeth .. thank you. Thank you for your minutes.

We also have one minute bringing greetings I’d like to share with you. Dear friends loving greetings to all.

Valerie Rosen attending your sessions. … through friends general conference Christian and interfaith committee. She serves on both religious and education. … possibility of printed word … she often sat at book tables at conference and retreats.

On behalf of committee signed by Michael Gibson friend Valerie are you here. Welcome thank you very much.

Oliver Robertson. Young friend would you stand. He is from Britain. Thank you for being here. Are there others. Self introductions starting this side. If you are not with Yearly Meeting we want to recognize and welcome you as well.

… thank you.

Justin Bernell also …
Thank you.
Arthur Myers

Thank you welcome.

Melissa …

Thank you.

… representing Quaker …

Bringing you greetings from London (Nancy)

… thank you Kate. Welcome.

Other friends.

If you will give us your names at the end of the session and show you were in attendance for opening session.

At this time we have a couple of folks bringing greetings from NC Yearly Meeting … Michael Fulp.

Michael: greetings friends. Good morning.
I’m a little loud sometimes but I want everyone to hear me too. So I came to the microphone. From 75 monthly meetings that make up NC Yearly Meeting. We welcome you and hope your stay will be blessing to you and building block for his great work.

To paraphrase definition of gathering of people group of people come together seeking guidance of holy spirit. NC Yearly Meeting has desire to assist you providing environment for this group to find such environment.

This group met at … if you were here we welcome you back. If first visit we hope not your last.

May things have changed in 21 years. We are NC Yearly Meeting have received many blessings. Last night Sylvia mentioned Jamaica. Many of our folks have greave love for work they do in Jamaica. Just taking quick moment I want to mention 4 other things we are very blessed with going on in Yearly Meeting at this time.

1) Camp Quaker Lake. We can’t build fast enough to accommodate campers. We had to turn some away this year.
2) Friends disaster helping people put lives back together. People who volunteer to go help rebuild houses.
3) Intern program giving individual time mentoring and platform where they can discern guidance of holy spirit growing leaders in our midst.
In last 10 years somewhere around 130 to 140 have gone through program. About 130 in full time ministry. We are so blessed from that.

4) Mowa-Choctaw. Through guidance of holy spirit this Yearly Meeting sought to make … permanent mission work.
… NC Yearly Meeting has received many blessings in 312 years. Friends United Meeting has been part of that. So again welcome and may God bless you as you fellowship and do his great work.

Thank you.

Thank you Mike. Bringing greetings Viola Britt.

Viola: There is no way to tell you what a blessing this committee has been. Never in my entire life have I worked on anything where there were so many people willing to help.
Kim school administrative assistant Friends United Meeting ex officio members. John Porter working constantly with me, Janice Dalton, Paul Routh, Darrin Allen, …. Program chairperson and Heather Varner. Medical team, consists of Janice Spainhour and Dr. Eldora Terrell. There is local unit here should anyone need assistance. Keith Jones security. Food Jo Hayworth women’s club catering. Sue Hughes also helped with meals. … communication Beverly Nelson. John Porter. They are responsible for court stenographers. Daily blog around the world Paul Routh. Sara Terrell …. Press releases… shuttle busses. Hospitality… musical instruments Carmen, … Beverly Nelson and A… signage High Point friends school and High Point friends meeting. One person most excited about all this had to be from High Point friends school….he mentioned I think I want to get these names out Sara Beth Terrell press releases. Flowers and table arrangements…. Jackie Swaggert, Hazel… Rita … Beverly Nelson from chamber of commerce.

And setup just listen to these. … and Quaker men. David G. Kathy and …. Then on top of that can you believe this volunteer Mark, Mary Ann, Lauren, I have never worked with so many like this. With full time job director piedmont authority and regional transportation. Never too busy to answer questions. Never too busy to attend to questions about Friends United Meeting. Also son Michael Jr. finishing graduate degree took time to attend. … helium tanks, brought sleeping bag in case needed. … Parsons, then host of people who will be assisting on tours and with other activities. Many many others like Frank for example just appeared with antibacterial soap. Local meetings furnishing meals for Triennial. Marlboro, Cedar Square, Archdale,…. Excitement of having Triennial in NC has been evident every step of the way. Thank you friends.


As I listened to the long list of volunteers I am reminded of our mission as we energize and equip friends. Undertaking a program such as this brings people together. It’s energizing. To come together and work hard, you look forward to it. Thank you so much for your hard work. One question where is the sleeping bag.

*In the office.

At this time I want to recognize those serving on nominating committee. For those serving on nominating committee stand and be recognized. Know that you have a large responsibility placed on you. We thank you for using your gifts and talents in this endeavor. Our prayers are with you.
Thank you so much.

At this time recognize those serving on … new business committee. Please stand and be recognized.

I want to meet with new business committee at end of session just meet at the front of meeting house. Just for a moment.

Next order of business we need to appoint message committee. To write missal from these sessions. We want to do this by volunteer or appoint best friend if they are good at writing. We need a few people minimum 4-5 maybe 6 to help with this.

Do we have suggestions?

*I forget the name of …

Thank you.

*Would … be willing to.

Carol is our assisting recording clerk.

Excellent suggestion.

We need a few more names.


Thank you. Good.

Couple of others.

C G White.

Would you help with that. Thank you very much.

I suggest Mica Bales from great Plaines Yearly Meeting.

Need one or two more.

*Christopher … from New York. There. Oh yeah.

Christopher: I’m afraid I might not have the time.

*Could we have women on the committee.

We would love to add your name to the list. Would you agree to that.


That’s the way it works.

*Margaret Stolzfus from Iowa.

Margaret are you willing to help.

You are on nominating committee. I understand.

*I would suggest …

I don’t feel free to do that at this time. Thank you.

*I suggest Doug Shoemaker.

Doug agrees. Ok.

We have a committee of six to work on preparation of serve on new message committee to prepare outgoing missal. Do friends approve of those nominated. Thank you very much for willingness to do this. Will you get this meeting together.

I will convene but don’t feel clear to clerk.

At this time I want to recognize staff they need to depart and go back to work places. They want to share a few words about auction items. This is your time.

Thank you for interruptions. There is a little part of program we want to advertise well. Items we will show you today are part of silent auction. Each item will have individual bid sheet. You can bid and all proceeds will go to ministry … this piece was donated on behalf of Eden Grace beautiful handmade quilt. Sure all Kenyan. and in corners map of Kenya in each corner.

Even back is gorgeous. Take look at it, touch it feel it come to Friends United Meeting offices and place bid on it. Could be yours.

You can sign for silent bid number in Friends United Meeting office. These will be displayed in bookstore. There is minimum bid. We can tell you minimum bid when you come to office.

People can pay by credit card. Cash, …


Next item we have is the this is lovely olivewood hand carved nativity set she has brought.

How many pieces. …. 11 counting the crèche. Maybe 12. If you count baby Jesus. He’s separate. 12 piece set. Really solid. Front of crèche folds up so compact to pack away if you need to.

Next we have series of items brought to us by Cains. From Belize. They are all made of rainforest wood. Beautiful variety of woods. First piece Katy has is coaster set, how many 6. Various shades and colors. Different woods. There is a card in each one showing where it came from.

Next piece is beautiful vase you can see it is constructed of several kinds of wood. (Vann White display).

Next we have set of items for every executive desk or those not executive your desks should look like it. Pencil holder, leather caddy and paperclip box.

Then we have two items just alike so two lucky bidders can take home or one for both. Cutting boards. They are made of several different woods. Listed on front. Use for decoration and cut on other side. If you stop at the offices we will have bidding numbers for you. Everything will be number coded and have bidding sheets. Minimum bids will be listed on sheet. Highly encourage you to stop at bookstore and take a look and winners announced Saturday morning. Closes 10 am Saturday. 10 am in the morning.

Thank you Vanna appreciate that.

While they were going over items I was watching you. You were really paying attention. I thought I had lost control.

Thank you. These items will be downstairs.

One more items same vein Dale.

Dale: When troubles broke out in Kenya I noticed that a picture I received from Kenya had t-shirt of Kenyans doing relief effort. I began to think about possibilities and to make long story short these t-shirts on sale here by Quaker men $12 and $6 of each sale goes to peace efforts. These are available in the bookstore.

Thank you dale.

Friends we have 2 items of business on agenda this morning.
First will be report from general secretary. I think we will have time to move up on this session the report from general board. Sylvia will give report.

From her viewpoint. Those in attendance last night you heard a lot about Friends United Meeting. No opportunity to ask questions this will be your time. Sylvia please share.

Sylvia Graves: Oh here we go again. I want to before I go to report emphasize that the items for auction are really meant to support ministry accounts of field staff members.

If Friends United Meeting is field staff work we need to do better job supporting them financially. Our idea is to get your awareness of that need.
Doing silent auction with a little spark knowing some will pay a lot of money to support field staff but nice to get something back. We are looking for support of field staff. So bids will be high. Even if you don’t get bid you are welcome to donate to field staff accounts.

Offerings go also to field staff accounts right. We didn’t announce. It will be divided equally between field staff accounts and general funds. I know you wanted to know that. I don’t have a whole lot to add to last evening’s report. I want you to know I have prepared for every Yearly Meeting to distribute some do packets for Yearly Meeting some I don’t know what you do. Don’t know that it goes far. There is report sent to all Yearly Meeting office. Summary of Friends United Meeting work in past year. Meant for your people to read and understand what is going on with association. There is not much in here different from last night. I won’t repeat it. I want to
Emphasize that we had discussion in field staff meetings Monday and Tuesday about their great concern for expense it takes to do work they are doing. Not only to own ministry accounts but when we look at the exchange rate right now American dollar is not worth much in other countries. People at Kaimosi hospital as being paid in shillings and we send dollars they don’t go as far as they used to. Same at school commit to pay teachers but we send dollars and exchange for currency it doesn’t go as far as it used to go. Huge hardship in all areas financially. We have to pay attention to that. We have invited field staff and financial and executive committee to hear those concerns.

I’m open to questions from anyone. Thank you for wonderful feedback you have given to me from last evening’s presentation. Appreciate how helpful you’ve been to me.

David: How have you enjoyed or not enjoyed last 3 years you have been doing this.

Sylvia Graves: 2 years since 3/6/200… I have enjoyed it. I have felt that it is really productive and meaningful work, not easy work. No one ever said ministry was easy.

Will you please come to microphone so all will hear your questions.

*Wondering I was volunteer when young at Ramallah friends school if you have enough people stepping forward for work like that. And how we can help mobilize people.

Sylvia Graves: Before I answer that question I want to bring to your attention there are 2 young men at Ramallah friends school from NC. One from New Garden one not connected with Quaker but best friend of the guy from new Garden and graduated both of them from UNC Chapel Hill. They have made dynamic contribution to Ramallah friends school staff. They plan to go back as staff this year. They are looking for teachers of English. Joyce wants me to let you know that should have been on this green sheet. If you know teachers who might go. You may want to respond to this. As you saw last evening we have wonderful adults volunteering young adults volunteer often ask about doing school internship, about doing
Residency for so they can learn as much as they teach, and we always welcome to talk to them and see if we can come up with good match.
Tonya … is she on way to Kenya. End of August to spend a half a year from Earlham College School of Religion as part of practical skill building. There are opportunities. We don’t always have people to match opportunities at same time. If people step forward…

Eden Grace: Large mission organizations have highly structured opportunities for short term missions, volunteer placement, learning experiences, we are not large organization but we have a large heart. As John and I have set up capacity in Kaimosi we get more inquiries from people wanting to come from 2 weeks to 8 months. We strongly encourage you to do that. We have 2 types of programs where we can offer structured accredited learning experiences. One theological field education. Anyone in training for pastorship, ministry, we can run supervised field education program to meet academic requirements for US seminaries. Other is medical education. Medical students are often expected to do elective in 4rth year. Number of those people come to hospital for structured supervised experience for medical school.

In addition to that we have people come who contact us because they feel a call and sometimes vague sense I want to be there and see what’s happening. We are eager to accommodate all those requests. One reason I think 2 things come out of that kind of cross cultural volunteering. If it formation for north American community. These people in future may become missionaries or infect others with that passion. Other significant thing happens with volunteer is tremendous encouragement to staff on the ground, working overworked hours, excessive responsibilities at hospital and college. All staff feel so encouraged when someone comes even for a couple of weeks to work alongside them.
When you come so please I really appreciate her questions and hope you all consider if you can take 3 weeks 8 weeks any amount of time. Meet with us experience what we do and encourage staff.

Thank you.

Just come to the microphone.

Here is one close.

*It seems such obvious and simple question but I struggled with the great need and wide range of needs whether to give a bit to each whether to concentrate choose one and concentrate on that. How what is most helpful. Most useful way of assisting.

Sylvia Graves: Good question. Thank you for that. I don’t know if I know the answer.

As you saw the broad range of need last night spread across here how you choose which one to support or is it better to send a check as needed. Is that what you said. Send money to request as a needed. We have people do both. Lot of people say I don’t know strong needs now you decide. Many have passions for certain ministries. We want to affirm that too.

We have had this conversation this week in old days Friends United Meeting had one big fund and actually paid our field staff from general account. Am I right about that. We had one big donated fund including

Member Yearly Meetings paying more, higher more consistent than now. All field staff were paid from one giant budget. Few years ago when … a strain I guess difficult to do that. There was decision and you can tell me the year from now on up to field staff to raise financial support for their ministry. That is common among mission agencies. Not unusual. But in our small society in comparison that puts great strain on field staff and we are glad when they have friends outside Quakers who support them as well. Not easy I think you have to match what you are called to help with in best way you can. If you feel whole organization can be trusted to put where most needed we appreciate that too.

Anybody want to add to that.

*In the Jamaica Yearly Meeting we struggle with … we are still small as Christian denomination just over 300 members. Recently decided we would take bull by the horn. We would evangelize, often go out into communities of Jamaica and hold evangelical meetings.
At present this small Jamaica Yearly Meeting is undergoing period of … in which we have been phase of fasting and prayer and asking for Lord and Savior to help us because we think that the Quaker Christian message is not well known but not far different from general Christian message and we do think that people of Jamaica will gravitate towards Quaker if they hear this message. I … the church just over year ago…before that only thing I heard about Quaker church was over 40 years ago in school. For 40 years I heard nothing until I decided wanted to be part of church family and went to church. Read on internet. It is my belief that this message needs to be known in the whole world. There are it appears something like 300,000 Quaker in whole world. My belief is that if we carry out one of those 4 priorities of Friends United Meeting, evangelism that millions of people not only 300,k000 but millions will gravitate towards Quaker Christianity. Saying to myself not to leadership. Just all of us if we come forward and carry this message millions of people will come to meeting.

Thank you.

*Mary Lloyd Baltimore one phrase you used last night I want to thank you … one phrase you used was global partnership. That’s easier to say than to figure out how to do well. I wonder if you would share with us some things you have learned about how we can build a good relationship with each other a true global partnership.

Sylvia Graves: thank you Mary. Mary was one in Kenya in January and we able there to be to respond and help in the gathering of the leaders to help make the peace plan. I know how much we respect that you were there to contribute to that.
I know that there was a time maybe 100 years ago when we Christians believed it was our duty to go bring light to darkness in dark Africa and other places. We believed there were people who had never heard good news of Jesus. That has changed. We probably need to go to deep parts of Africa to have them teach us. We are learning how to do that I hope.
We have tried to change we who know best go teach those who know least. Back into a more equitable role in planning together what needs to be done to reach all.
That has been difficult to Americans who are abundant with wealth who feel like our role is still to share material resources with those who don’t and what we need to do is learn how to share those so that they are not patronizing, not charity, but that and again I think I’ve heard a lot of people say how much joy they get the Kenyans themselves…. We are pleased to say we see you doing God’s work too, not us, it’s you. But you have limited resources… even though we try to get even keel about decisions it’s old struggle about we know better than … anyone else want to contribute to that.

*I want to share point with you I really appreciate your efforts. One thing you said has I thought may have been most significant thing of whole message for them to ask what is best way to do this. Now I see a promise and a problem both in there. The promise is that if somebody is asking questions they invite us to change. We need that. I make my living asking questions very important. May be long time before clarity comes but I want to encourage you to keep pushing us to question. Ok. The second part of that is problem.
Twice in Acts where Paul went somewhere … all sat around discussing something new. Let’s not question to the point that inertia sets in and we just ask new questions and never do anything. Danger on that end but I’m really excited when you raise questions we have needed to look at for a long time. Keep asking those questions.

*I really appreciate all the wonderful work being done with global ministry. I wonder if you … work with the needy here in the USA. If all the crying broken hearted needs come from immigrants living among us, gang violence, etc. whether there is call for us to do ministry closer to home.

Sylvia Graves: I believe that we used to do that better than we do now when we were staff of 25-30 and had north American ministry position who could go to local meeting goal setting, revitalize meeting. That kind of thing. My response is to say what needs are local probably need to be taken care of locally. Your own meetings are heavily involved in local food pantries, habitat for humanity, etc. all those here also participate in those local ministries. I think Friends United Meeting has not historically been strong enough to deal with local needs other than try to nourish local congregations to deal with local needs. Not that it doesn’t need to be done but we look to Yearly Meeting … sometimes that is competition for Friends United Meeting ministry but you all do wonderful work in local community. Until we have broader depth of support we will probably not add that to our tasks.

I want to say a little more about how Friends United Meeting may be increasingly looking to cooperative efforts with other agencies.
Lugulu hospital is experiencing much success but they have cooperated with other agencies, catholic medical mission, etc. we are collaborating with other resources as partners with them. That is part of global partnership definition.

I know there are other Quakers in Kenya on same team.

*Regularly I get questioned from people here in USA should I come to Africa myself paying $2000 to come or should I give the $2000 for support. I say spend the $2000 to come. Your church should support you in this. I went in 1999 to … I was only second Quaker the other person who had come was Kelly Kellum’s father David. That’s not good. People in Africa in eastern central Africa appreciate us visiting. It’s very difficult now for them to visit here.
Even if they have money or we supply it getting visas for anyone not elderly very difficult that means we have to go there. Even outlining the things we can do all kinds of things people can do if you go there and visit, go to church, visit youth, that is tremendous encouragement to people there. They want to feel that connection to the world. That people in USA Britain and other places are with them in whatever happens and particularly in Kenya these last six months that’s the time we should visit. True friend comes at a time of need. I hope people will not you can’t go yourself then perhaps other people in various meetings and churches can visit Africa.

Thank you.


Sylvia Graves: I will let John Muhanji down too he has been invited often to come to … there are invitations for Friends United Meeting to move into those areas. Think about that.

Friends perhaps we should do more than think about that. What if we were to promote gospel in those regions. They are extending invitations. Hesitancy is … we are not adequately supporting missions in Kenya. What is call of Friends United Meeting. Before you I set an open door he who has ears let him hear. How are we to respond. How are we responding to current problems. We could do so much. I’ve mentioned this several times.
If we had 40 meetings roughly half in NC. Just my Yearly Meeting gave $25 a month maybe meeting or individual we could pay half needs of … or and about 15 people in each mission … operating medical expenses, teaching school. …budget is $2000 a month. Sad to send $163. Not to end on a sad note but just to let you know there are opportunities. Can friends step up and take on commitments. Isn’t that our future, our call., the great commission, go and promote gospel teaching all the things we have been taught.

Anyone else with question or comment at this time. If not we will move to next agenda.

*I will just speak up. I have a very strong voice. I want to add … that is we have to support the general fund. We have to support the staff here in the states because we can send money but sometimes it doesn’t get there because of political activity between here and there.
The staff is so vital to help keep things flowing so yes we have missions and we need to send funds time and prayer to Africa Jamaica Cuba and everywhere. But we also have staff to help keep us running
And helps operate over there. So things get to them. We want to include them in our …

Thank you.


*can you hear me now?

Among staff I want us to remember and hold in the light the children of our staff members.
Eden’s 2 beautiful boys Isaiah and Jesse and Joyce’s children. They are part of parent’s ministry not by choice.
And they are having amazing experiences cross cultural experiences also sacrifice life in small town of America. Growing up as children who really not member of one community or another.
They suffer effects of living in war zone.
And they bear this so gracefully because they too are committed to doing God’s work and believe in their parent’s ministry I want us to hold them in light, maybe send cards of encouragement to them.

Thank you.

Thank you Lisa.

Sylvia thank you for your report. Thank you friends for our discussion. I think what we need to do is clear and I hope you will take this message into your own heart and take home and share. So please go back and tell the story, share the good news of the work Friends United Meeting has undertaken and that we need to support. You will hear more about this. At this time move to agenda item report from general board.

Those who wonder about decorations on the ceilings if you weren’t here last night you missed it. There is a little evidence in meeting house. Walls will never be the same.

*The following is report to you Triennial session Friends United Meeting on actions and activities of general board 2005-2008.

There have been several personnel changes in central office and several changes in responsibility over last Triennial. One in general board or executive board involved Sylvia Graves has succeeded Reba as general secretary. Barbara Smith and Kim took over financial duties. I might add Paul Smith retired 6/30/2008 after providing 7 years service to Friends United Meeting.

Terri Johns took over mission management oversight formerly executed ….

Took over Friends United Light and Press duties.

Kim and Sylvia Graves have taken over fundraising duties of Kathy Sawyer.

As you may remember from last Triennial Friends United Meeting finances were little… in fact significant losses were anticipated in first year of Triennial due to decline in large gifts to Friends United Meeting.
The general board authorized reduction in staff time to allow for solvency that year.
Paul Smith and Norman … prepared financial planning documents which Paul implemented. Result is that Friends United Meeting central offices are now operating on cash flow without incurring debt. Let me repeat that.
Result is Friends United Meeting central offices now operate on cash flow without incurring debt.

General board has committed significant portions of trust funds as surety against management … for Kaimosi hospital. Details will be reported in global ministry report and also report for Kaimosi hospital task force tomorrow.
As part of financial adjustment general board decided to convert
The bookstore to a purely online and phone order operation. Items for sale now are friends united press and other Quaker publications. Attractive catalog and online catalog now available. Get out pens please.

On line bookstore
click on label Friends United Meeting and there works like Amazon.
In fact works a little better because faster.

For those of you who prefer phone order.
So bookstore items are still available. Please make sure that you take advantage of those.
Bookstore space converted to a welcome center providing hospitality housing central office library and forming meeting place for staff as well as place where Friends United Meeting can host small meeting. It has been used by Quaker conference center and available to community which provides small additional revenue to Friends United Meeting.

Your clerk arranged for a consultant to lead general board through a strategic planning process. This process resulted in a planning document with goals and time tables for actions needed to be executed by general board or a committee. Provides budget planning, evaluation, and orderly consideration of Friends United Meeting Quaker identity. Includes watchdog agency. It is anticipated that this plan which projects 5 years into future will be updated annually. I will insert short personal comment. I have been part of 3 strategic planning processes in my life. This is only one I have seen that actually had items in it where you could tell if you met plan and time tables by which you were actually going to do that. As a result this is only strategic planning document I have been involved with that has actually been used.

General board wrestled with issue that has divided us and is currently dividing us about which Sylvia Graves spoke to eloquently in plenary last night.
In dealing with this the general board has through its staff and officers corresponded with various Yearly Meetings. General board has included on and sometimes has intense discussions and in those parts which concerned Friends United Meeting identity. General board also dealt with this issue in part of weekend retreat we discussed what it means to be Quaker in 21st century. Pardon me if I use antique language. It has not pleased God to open way before us which all can perceive to be right and proper. But has pleased God to teach us to talk to each other civility and remind us we are brothers and sisters inn Christ. General board authorized formation of support advocacy groups for each Friends United Meeting sponsored programs. At least one member of group must be member of general board. These groups are to become knowledgeable about program to be resource to general board and act as advocate of program to general board. Hope they will be support committee for staff engaged in the program. As time goes on perhaps they will also assist in fundraising.
Volunteer should contact Sylvia Graves at rise of this meeting.

General adopted instrument for regular evaluation of each program under its sponsorship as well as instrument for evaluating each new proposed project.
This is one of the examples of what happens when you plan well and actually use the plan you make.
General board is very appreciative to US AID office for approval of several ASHA grants Sylvia Graves mentioned last night.
Strategic plan approved shows schedule to apply for additional grants in future which may include projects in any mission field. To insure success of these large projects general board established guidelines for making grant application and provide management oversight. And to match support staffing with project requirements to be sure of time implementation and success in each project.
General board elected not to be a sponsor of evangelical effort by Johann and … in Russia. Due to support staff and strength. They gave blessing to project and encouraged financial support by individual in Yearly Meeting.
General board agreed to assume management responsibility for Kaimosi hospital and enter understanding with east Africa Yearly Meeting for this purpose. General board appointed task force to review operations and board to oversee management of hospital and committed $50,000 for operation for first year. Also term of memo of understanding. This is in addition to commitment made to raise funds for roof. The status of this commitment is currently in flux we are trying to renegotiate and details of that negotiation will be reported in later reports.

These are in summary principle actions of general board.
I would if I may like to make final personal observation.
I have been part now of 4 constitutions of general board. This one has been most free of political machinations of any of 4 previous ones. Composed largely of individual chosen by you to have skills and gifts for it’s operation. Who make points clearly but with open heart and genuine desire to seek will of God. I hope you have selected or will select persons of similar character to be part of next general board.

Friends have any questions or comments. Thank you for on behalf of members on the board thank you for kind words.

*Comment, Earl Smith western Yearly Meeting I have been privileges to represent Triennial since 1990 and this is first time I have heard report that board has been able to transact business on cash basis rather than report that we are borrowing money.
As we have heard this morning and last night there are numerous opportunities for ministry.
It seems that too often we have let the thoughts of what we would like to do outpace our proper discernment. I know it has been very difficult task but I definitely want to congratulate board on that.

Thank you.
It’s always a fine line. Tough call to seek and receive funding for same projects year after year when people like to give support to new things, new projects. So to balance projects with support which comes first. Do you get existing projects up and running 100% before beginning new projects? Answer is somewhere in between. Hope you realize where Friends United Meeting is right now.
We are behind.
We have opportunities.
Let’s just leave it with that. You will answer that question. You do it all the time. Thank you we are trying to keep close balance on where we are.

*Sidney from Canadian Yearly Meeting I would like to have this gathering express particular thinks to staff when I first came on board
Our very first meeting was very sobering. We looked at financial picture that was extremely bleak. And the board made the decision to place our staff on … time for 3 months staff was on 4/5th of salary because of their generosity we that is part of reason we were able to recover financially. Staff in past has been largely not Quaker we have more staff now who are Quaker but I think we owe them a huge thanks for their generosity.


*we are going to operate on cash flow but coming from farm operation who has been trying to do that for years now. It certainly advantage with no interest but you have to keep the cash flowing. That is the secret. We can’t do these things that we so want to do if we aren’t willing to contribute and give our resources.

Thank you Anna Leigh. I love the reference to the farm those who grew up in farm life you go to bank and borrow money you …

Also all of us we grow up in culture when we are encouraged to be in debt. You get tax credits if you are in debt. Write off mortgage and contributions don’t forget. Any other questions about general board.

Anyone here who will lead us in another song. We love to do things impromptu. A volunteer we will close session.

*Could … sandy can we handle that. Joseph Sandy and all the ladies. Beatrice. Will all our king friends. Meanwhile Joseph organize the group and sing what a friend we have.

*Jamaica friends I just want to say thank you to Friends United Meeting it’s a vessel in which we can voice our opinion I’d like to thank especially … that sweet person … I learned he did not have any telephone and I asked … to call Harry Jones and … he immediately sent over … and because of her gift we received … I just want to thank the hardworking staff. Thank you for the children …

Angie thank you and the wonderful work you do in Jamaica.

3 announcements. Then our Kenyan friends will come and sing. And reconvene at 1:45 for next business session.

First announcement meeting to discuss … friends 1:45 during free time led by scot Wagner and Tony Love. See one of them for location. All Africans please eat quickly and come to small chapel east wing 1 pm today.

Belize task force will meet at …. In music room. And Jamaica support team.

Kelly Kellum: Just wanted people to know weather is perfect we will have 2 service lines for lunch. First is like last night. Line up down hallway and second service line outside that will enable you to enjoy fine … go out side door gate and side door and enter that way. Other thing during breaks we encourage those able bodies who need bathroom facilities to use school facilities. Leave those closer for those less mobile.

*I was surprised I need to convene committee so we will convene at rise of this. Please meet here by piano.

Thank you.

Where is Jamaica support group meeting.

With Sylvia.
Just look for Sylvia.


Bring food to library if you are on Jamaica support team. Allow them to go early in line if you would please. We will find a table. Not good to eat in library.

Kenyan Friends. Please come.






May I have attention just a moment. If you will give invocation for lunch.

Dear God we are grateful the day for blessings of fellowship thank you for your spirit that helps us in our decision. Ask your continuous blessings. Thank you for the food. l bless our bodies with it. In your most holy name we pray amen.

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