Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Registration was Successful.

Greetings Friends,

Registration day was a very eventful day with everyone all over the world checking in to High Point and getting their room assignments. Today over 3/4 of everyone checked in and out of 350+ people that is a really good turnout. We learned a few new culture faux pas but with a little patience and some understanding we were able to correct everything with ease. Also, Today we got to check our e-mail see some new and old F(f)riends plus hear a message from Sylvia Graves.

Here are a few announcments:

- Restrooms are available in the School as well as the Meeting House. Please if you are able use the school facilities first as the plumbing in the Meeting house is old.
- Friday there is a culture exchange with several types of American music (bluegrass, country, etc) to be experenced at 6pm.
- Vans will leave for the Hotels after the Evening Session.
- The School Library has a media center with 10 Computers for anyone that needs or wants to check their e-mail. Times vary. Please see a school official for access.
- Both the School and the Meeting house have Wireless internet that you may access.
- There is an unprogrammed Worship at 6:30 am in the Chapel if Friends want to attend.

Hope everyone gets a good nights rest and NO jet lag.

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