Friday, July 11, 2008

Afternoon tours - and sessions

What a wonderful busy afternoon we have had!

This afternoon were tours to Quaker Lake, Guilford College/ Mendenhall Plantation, Quaker Museums/ Cemetaries and the NC ZOO it was a good time to fellowship and enjoy getting out of the Meeting House for an afternoon. Also those that stayed behind got to do a few events that were very special. We had a Intervisitation Program of Baltimore Yearly Meeting, 1:30-3 in the Music Room. FCNL—The pastoral and the Prophetic: Dealing with Congress on the Middle East, 1pm in the Chapel. Pawnee Indian Baptist Church—Kenyan Dancing, 3pm in the School Amphitheatre.
I've got to say that I really did enjoy the Indian preformance. IT was a real treat.

Tonight will feature John Punshon as the Speaker and an evening of Music named "A Friendly Quaker Songfest" before that starting at 6pm. The preformers will be: Charles Adams, Robin Wiliams, Mell Downing, John Lowe, The Springfield Strummers (Scott Anderson, Eva Garner, Fletcher Garner, Elizabeth Spencer, David Stroud, Eldora Terrell, Leroy Williams and Bob Spencer) Ray Luther, Bob Spencer, Kathy Walden, Linda Selleck, Kimbery Farlow, Linda Selleck and Bob Spencer.
These performers from NCYM used their special talents and came together to perform either singing, playing or in a group to create a CD for fund raising to help Quaker Lake Camp in NC. We still have Cd's Available if you would like one please Call the NCYM Office at 336-292-6957
Suggested donation for one is $15 US.

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gwen headen said...

High Point Friends Meeting, NCYM and Viola Britt have done a wonderful job. The Triennial was very comfortable and allowed with ease a place to worship. The tours were great. It was wonderful for the Kenyans to be able to come to North Carolina. Gwen Headen