Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday Morning Business - 12 July 2008

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Brent: Friends good morning. Welcome to closing business session. Take a moment for a time of silence and expectant waiting.

Friends for our devotional thought this morning most leaders know you lead with vision. We back up that vision with passion. Passion for where you want to go, passion for where you want to be. Leaders know that your message needs to be clear, it needs to be concise and well understood. It needs to be received. The message of Jesus is summarized with one verse. The essence of the message comes down to this john chapter 3 verse 16 for God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life. That is the message. Come and follow me. With all teachings with all the clarity all the passion it is clear come and follow me. May we pray.

Heavenly father on this beautiful day we know that just your grace is sufficient for all our needs. Just your grace. Lord you have chosen to bless us in so many ways in great abundance. Lord we thank you and praise you we are a grateful people. We thank you for being our Lord, teacher and savior. For the vision you have set before us. We thank you for the challenges. You forgive us when we … Lord may you always find us walking cheerfully and humbly acting just to those commandments. Spreading the good news that all come to know you in a personal way may not only have joy and comfort of this life but life everlasting. … Lord we thank you for we ask you to speak to every condition we bear. As we depart and go forward into a world to spread the good news may your mercy and grace help us all. Thank you we praise you in Christ’s name amen.

Again good morning and welcome to everyone for closing business session of Triennial gathering. Several items on agenda. You can add a few more items to the agenda. We will begin with a couple of announcements. This business and may we do so from spirit of worship. If you presented traveling minutes those are signed and ready to pick up at head table. Secondly someone left black cell phone at holiday inn beside computer you may pick it up there. Ben and Jody asked me to announce there were questions they are returning to Kenya for another year. So if any doubts about that they will be going back to Kenya as principals of Friends Theological College for another year. Also we have an invitation I want to share part with you from new England Yearly Meeting … social concerns committee … smith and west port in response to spring visit Sylvia Graves extend visit to … especially those in farming community visit coastal mass in fall of year. Oldest meeting can arrange visit to Boston we welcome friends housing provided and tour guides we appreciate this invitation. We have copies at the front desk.

We have a couple of reports that need to come before us. We will begin with Kaimosi hospital task force … chairman will present that report.

Good morning friends. Last couple of days we have heard from field staff and missionaries. Lot of passion now you will have a different kind of person. Task force member. … talking about the Kaimosi hospital little history about it. Forgive me if I talk but a little background. Think about this hospital started in 1911 in Kenya and it sits on 1158 acres of land the Kaimosi mission compound. Probably about 28 acres is hospital. Earlier years hospital was shining start in this part of Kenya. Place people wanted to go to. At some point in time property was turned over to east Africa Yearly Meeting over years hospital declined and fell into disrepair. Patient numbers drastically declined. Friends from east Africa Yearly Meeting began to discuss how to address situation. Officially in April of 2004 east Africa official invited Friends United Meeting to take over oversight of hospital to see if it could be saved. … global ministry director submitted proposal to general board to oversee hospital. … it took until January of 2006 for memo of understanding to be developed and signed by both parties transferring responsibility. This was memo… January 2006 to January of 2008 it was planned that Friends United Meeting would have opportunity to evaluate situation and understand really understand if they could go forward. New hospital board of governors was appointed by Friends United Meeting and began working with hospital administration. They understood that at least one problem was hospital was underfunded. Funds from Friends United Meeting would be needed but … other than paying traveling expenses for board of governors. That did not address operating deficits. By 2007 it was realized that hope for progress was not being accomplished at July 2007 board meeting board discussed various problems encountered and decided to appoint Kaimosi hospital task force. … members Paul smith Sylvia Graves … Terri johns and general board members Jerry Farlow and … and myself. General charge given was ask gather more information and make recommendations before the document expired in 2008. Soon became apparent hospital administration was significant part of problem. His termination was recommended and they took that action. They began looking for new administrator. Soon became apparent that board of governors we appointed was not adequate for the task. … make judgment if Friends United Meeting should provide oversight. General board created new memo of understanding… that body approved proposed language for revised and provide more detail for responsibilities for Friends United Meeting and … also $50,000 of proposed two year term. … it was also approved to replace existing hospital board of governors. The general board session at that meeting task force reported following items. 1 new board formed and meets on regular basis minutes shared with Kaimosi task force. Efforts to improve organizational structure and reputation of hospital. #2 considerable work completed on long term plan for hospital. Have to have plan to all move in same direction. #3 board approved balance operating budget for 2008-2009 year includes annual subsidy of …. Budget is substantial fiscal improvement. #4 new hospital administrator hired John … is expected to join staff in mid July has impressive background as administrator of hospital in Nairobi. … #5 all earlier funds collected for roof repairs came to and been sent to improve the physical functionality of a portion of hospital more funds needs about … to bring hospital back to good condition. Reports indicate … plus significant improvement in employee morale and result in a substantial increase in outpatients and inpatients. This means renovation to main building … while those things have been accomplished we may … two things particularly we talked about .. memo 2 memo of understanding the agreement on that has not been reached. … in April of this year they met and were given understanding that agreement would be accepted and sent back by mid may that has not occurred. Just last week some proposed changes are being sent to us by east Africa. Financial information task force continues to receive regular income and expense statements from hospital not received accounts payable or invoice reports… Friends United Meeting finds itself in awkward position agreements we signed to oversee hospital .. but Friends United Meetings involvement in the hospital and substantial improvements have been achieved. Also due to great financial subsidies sent to the hospital. Currently goal is monthly $2000 adopt a nurse program $2500 to other hospital expenses and $... for past hospital employee salaries not paid. Trying to reduce that. First it is not about the good work being done at the hospital Eden Grace and John Muhanji can talk about that better than I can. … we need you to continue contributions for adopt a nurse program general hospital expenses…. I think western Yearly Meeting gave ….. $30,000 and … finally I ask you keep annual staff in your prayers. Additional responsibility added to them with hospital oversight.

Brent: Thank you Norman.

Thank you for the very clear and factual report. Eh came before general board earlier this week approval given to task force to continue on present course and funding to stay in place. Friends have any comments or questions. At this time David …

David: I’m the board member Kaimosi hospital. I want to emphasize a few things. Hospital run down between 1990 and 1997 when taken over by Kenyan government and they handed back to east Africa as a disaster. We are trying to rectify not done by Kenyan friends but by the Kenyan government. I want to say that the changes in the hospital in the last year and four or five months are totally miraculous. My wife and I went there in April of 2007 the hospital was dirty, staff morale was very low. There were almost no outpatients. maternity ward had one person in it a retarded lady had a baby they didn’t have anywhere to send her. Other wards had very few patients. Now it was said there was substantial help by Friends United Meeting of $50,000 that is much appreciated but note operating budget of hospital is about 1 million so $50,000 is very welcome but it is only a small part of the running of the hospital. I was at board meeting in June right before coming to USA and changes were miraculous in waiting room a seminar was going on as part of HIV comprehensive care center being started at hospital. Patients waiting outpatients waiting there were people waiting for pharmacy at least 8-10 women in maternity with babies. And then other wards of hospital had formerly been less than 10% now had at least 10-15 patients and … I just wanted to give you more on the ground kind of report. Thanks.

Brent: Thank you David and thank you for your hard work serving on the board. Any other comments.

Norman thank you for again for the hard work you do on that huge project. I want to ask you friends do you accept report from Kaimosi hospital …

Now Sylvia Graves report from … exploration committee Belize .

Sylvia Graves: You heard extensive report from Cains and PowerPoint the developments and potential to move forward as staff I have felt important to get affirmation from you to move forward in planning we are at a juncture where we could possibility if we feel we can’t handle work in Belize stop now between transition of Cains and what comes next. Or if you are behind them and want to move forward. If we feel improve continuation school, plant a church, establish presence of friends in Belize I need your affirmation to dot hat. That’s what I’m asking for.

Brent: You’ve heard report you know situation Cains retire at end of year you know work of boys school and dreams of further work there. To proceed Sylvia Graves asks to hear your voice of support to proceed in that direction. Any comments or questions.

Please come to microphone.

Mary Lloyd: Not entirely clear to me what I’m being asked to approve in that the scale of the dream where are we financial are we able to take on a building project of this scope and how does that affect. What am I being asked to approve.

Sylvia Graves: there are funds in reserve to do this ministry we are asking approval to raise funds to continue this ministry. We know we loaded you with much opportunity Friends United Meeting has ahead of it. I asked Mike and Kay tough question if we don’t continue in Belize who cares. I wonder if you care.

Brent: That’s the question. Friends wish to speak.

I’m from New Hope friends meeting in … we sent 3 men to work in Belize and currently our Quaker men send money each month for this mission I feel like it is a worthwhile project and I would like for us to continue to support this because we feel it is good mission work.

Brent: Thank you.

Rich: Rich from Baltimore Yearly Meeting and on general board trustee the general board has considered this as a specific investment and we are … additional information to see what this will look like. So I too wonder what it is that we are being asked to approve here if we are being asked to approve in principle to consider this because we want presence in Belize I am comfortable with that. If this is approval to move forward with undefined project to commit to file ASHA grant for high school that seems beyond information we have available now. I think if this is approval in principle to consider this and look at value of presence in Belize which I think … I am comfortable with that.

Brent: And replace the Cains we know the board will need more information we have priorities for new projects to be approved by general board. So this is along the lines of principle and we continue programs as we currently do, not overriding approval for project.

*I think Rich spoke my mind. I think from my having been to Belize a couple of times I appreciate Mike and Kay Cain for keeping that program going. I think big mistake to drop the program. I think we have good program there that can certainly go up to another level and I really encouraged there is talk seriousness of establishing church so I think there are some really good things just waiting to happen in Belize and I strongly encourage Friends United Meeting to look at that as positive thing and not to look beyond that at this time we have work there that needs to continue. … program potential here to improve on that. The efforts to start Quaker church in Belize …

Brent: THANK YOU. Every good project … I think the request is to ask for approval to continue … often the project …

*Ask do we care. I’m treasurer… so I look for more information how widespread is that caring … the checks that come through. Last fall when request that they needed textbooks, supplies materials we put that as fall project and response I felt was more than anticipated. So you ask if we care about Belize yes we do.

Brent: Thank you very much.

Marian Baker: Our theme this time is on hope and the future. And it seems to me we really need to spend time in prayer to see how each of us are called in whatever ministry how to encourage the younger people among us to consider they don’t have to go to Africa but Jamaica… Belize… to look at our own call of ministry whatever form that takes and not spend all time … we are dying out and feeling overwhelmed but let’s spend some time finding ways to wake up all of us whether Kenyans making use of Kenyans to … or encourage ministry in Jamaica. Look beyond the box.

Brent: Thank you Mary. Others wish to comment.

Dale you’ve been there.

Dale: I would like to offer a viewpoint you may not have heard. Yes I have been to Belize and kind of fell in love with the place and came home and dreamed about it every night for a week. I want the viewpoint it’s a fertile place where friends testimonies can really play a role. And I’m convinced if we go there and start worship group and begin to teach Belizeans about friends testimonies and within two or three… Belize will send … to us.

Karen: I think one thing we need to remember is those young men perhaps young women who we could serve in the future. It’s their hope and their future.

Brent: I sense there is more than just moderate support for our mission work in Belize. There is good strong support among you. Those who have spoken … question is do we care and will be support continued mission work in Belize. Additional information will come to you are programs are developed. Do you approved continued support of mission work in Belize.


Brent: Thank you very much. Our work in Cuba has been mentioned a little. A friend has written something I will read.
Cuba Yearly Meeting hosted Friends United Meeting work team in February of 2008 … destination same next year as Cuba completes … anticipate time when Cuba friends can travel to visit … included in minutes of this gathering. Thank you.

John has asked for a few moments to share.

John: Good morning. Friends. At this point I just wanted to say a few things as far as our ministry is concerned. This is second Triennial I am attending we are attending as African ministry first was in DesMoines in 2005 when we had just been inaugurated into office just been given office to begin exploring … and I stand here to give … and say what God has been able to do for last 3 years since we began the work through AMO. Some of you may … volunteer field staff talked of what they experienced. … work together in the office but I just wanted to say the AMO which is the biggest number of people biggest population of Quakers challenge of reaching out and seeing the work is realized in Africa. I just wanted to give appreciation to you friends who have been supporting this ministry. Our office has been very much involved in … our leaders Yearly Meeting leaders … in Uganda, Tanzania, ensuring that we are talking about Belize is to grow in Africa. Not just to remain stagnant. What I want to say briefly up to this point we have done it was and is still best gift given to Africa by opening this office. The AMO office is potential among Africans to work with goal of realizing the mission of Friends United Meeting. I’m here as witness this Triennial 2008 as a witness in 2005 I was given the responsibility was a big challenge. He took an early retirement and we had big argument with him why he retired when I came to office. God works his miracles. Ben found himself in Kaimosi. Ben was … now he’s working in AMO that’s … the ministry of AMO is growing and growing bigger than we expected. I just wanted to say we have been able to put various committees geared to improve performance of the work in Africa in all fields. Last year selection you heard about it was change in our ministry our plans were changed completely. What we planned to do is not what we ended up doing. It changed completely and we found ourselves amidst confusion in the storm where we needed rescue we needed Christ to walk on water to come where we were. We have various committees at this point which I believe will help us first education committee I believe in prevention than curing. Better to prevent issue than to cure. We are trying to help solve problem of this. But if we had actively prevented it would be better than what we do now. Education program in place is to see that we have almost 1000 … from Grade 1 to grade 8 and 200 high school from grades 9-10. Students … we believe that is biggest … where we can therefore education program is to work together and … the peace program in school and we encourage friends … from this areas to work with us in improving and implementing this program of education. Many students exchange program of students teachers to have this type of exchange program as we work on peace program … introducing . government has given us opportunity to give and teach other values in our school. We are taking opportunity when it is still strong. It is available today we want to use the opportunity. We will not have this problem … the riot was instigated by people mostly young people … therefore education program is … you can come work with us in this process.
Committee of development, which make and reach Africans … and the church at large in African context. It is good approach to the African churches working together. It helps them as we … friends from here it … the development program rather than being a one sided approach but from both sides. The problem capital improvement program has been very good. We gave out five year … and yearly that received this appreciated it so much capital improvement program and I believe … if you are … if you received any funds from capital improvement funds. This is Elgon East, … thank God at least we have 3 that received. It really brings up what … they have some cash they have … they are putting in and working together … we have the … health care ministry in … which is established by Quaker … very volatile area again area people have been insecure in that area but that small health care has helped so much. We have small health care agencies the church has been involved in. outreach ministry is very active in Kenya. Uganda … it is really we are working hard to strengthen that Yearly Meeting and it is growing strong now. There are 2 we are bringing that meeting to a level … Uganda … which requires people. We have carried out missions in Congo. It is another deep forest area. We have some in Congo called pygmies they have not been reached….. I believe our mission here friends here … place call upon you to step and … as we step out to Congo and … Pygmies. Tanzania is another area, big country. It is twice as large as Kenya. We have mission that is open in Tanzania we are really working close to see that mission grows. We have another part of Tanzania. It is … are just people are yearning to have them. People are they want it when we talk about it in Tanzania they are joining the church with no incentive. The incentive is the Quaker values. The integrity and sharing the good news of love. They just come. They have opened another meeting already. Just sharing the good value of Christ. So it is moving… they have 2 meetings in Tanzania. Let the word of God go … just because we don’t have the money to go if God has said let it go it will go. Therefore if you feel the passion to join in ministry of serving Friends United Meeting is open. … to see the word is spread to various places. I feel so encouraged to see we are carrying out this process that we are working. We have Yearly Meeting in Kenya … when running Yearly Meeting in Eastern Africa they had a farm 300 acres turned into farmers training center. Training how to … become more secure. But after some time that land has been lying idle with nothing at all. Recently we had visitor challenge us to … to maximize the use of the farm. They have come up with plan to maximize day farming, fish farming, etc. who may work together farmers who may be interested in … corn growing and fish farming invite your friends to come and do that mission work through that farm. It is a mission I see that will come out to help our ministry and work in the region. Last I want to say thank you so much for support you have given to African ministry. And for prayers you have given and many prayers we received when we violence broke loose in Kenya and the prayers thank you for … thank you for prayers from many of you you responded by praying for Kenya. We need more prayers it is not yet over. To Kenya. For peace. … for the activities we are talking about. The support we appreciate a thousand times. Never give up. Never feel you are … but feel the passion to work in ministry even at Friends Theological College it is growing. Only Quaker pastor training college in Africa. Nowhere else you will find this. Thank you for … we are getting 3 people from Tanzania to come Friends Theological College this year and 2 from Congo to train as pastors and go back and carry out ministry we are grateful for this. Let us pray God continues to inspire Friends United Meeting I feel proud to be in this ministry. May God bless you.


Brent: Thank you John for your faithful leadership there. Do we have report from John Norris treasurer.

John: I … I never get tired.

I want you to know I never count the money I don’t write the checks and I don’t keep the books so you know you are in good hands. As treasurer I sit on executive committee finance committee and trustee group… so I have my … I do see reports that come from by email as they come. I think we have some misunderstanding how accounting is from Friends United Meeting. I want you to know we really do have two sets of books.


You can look at them you just have to find them.

I’m really giving you confidence here. General funds and restricted funds. You’ve heard about this. General fund is books we keep operation for Friends United Meeting office, staff, office and staff in Africa and that is John Muhanji not Eden Grace she is field staff. That’s the general fund. It starts and stops fiscal year ends June 30th. … so that’s the one funds. Other restricted funds. Bunch of funds. Maybe 150 or 200 how many projects. How many funds might be in restricted funds. Fund accounting is ongoing. Never ends. We start where we left off last year. Year’s over we go forward with minus or plus in account. Those are 2 funds we have. Field staff is in restricted funds. Their funds are ongoing they are responsible for own support. They may end in plus or minus or start year in plus or minus. Some suffered this year because value of dollar decreased. We do pay field staff every payday not sure … they get paid whether account is in plus or minus. They do get salary. Some other funds we don’t send money unless we have it. We do make sure field staff can eat. Thought you might like to know that. We have … from year 2006 to 2007 fairly recent audit. Takes a little time to get all figures done. Numbers of Africa and all program we do. Anyone wants to see that I have with me and you can look at it. They tell us we have increase in assets that is … increase in cash. That lets us know we are living within budget.

This year we also stayed in budget. Our year ended 6/30 just a few days ago. We don’t have numbers hard numbers from office. General fund at that time had balance income $94,000 we were $1.98 positive on the budge. We were working in the budget. See how this goes. Looks like year will be positive. Total income was $842,000 for 11 month period close to projected. I think last month will bring on budget. About $500,000 came from Yearly Meeting, monthly meeting and individuals. Restricted funds have fairly accurate figure of received money that was $1,000,056. That was what was received for 11 months. We have budget to be approved for general fund $902,000 just close to last year figures. And restricted fund asking budget about $1,115,000 close to last year asking. We are trying to stay close in figures. The projects we are into we could spend more money if we had it. Could make use of it. So I think that concludes my report.

Brent: thank you. Let’s see assets has increased funds have increased and our audit that was on audit we are operating within means. Thank you.

I think we are $1 to the good. Friends any comments or questions. Approve acceptance of report from treasurer.
Thank you very much.

We have a piece of unfinished business from general board meeting. … consideration of restricted asking budget for 2008 general board needs more time to look over asking budget for 2009 in summary budget we operated under in 2008 totaled $1,117,000 the requested budget for 2009 is for $1,116,000. Difference of about 1600 less. Members of general board have questions about this.?

Hearing none and our finance director has received no questions would friends approve restricted asking budget of 2009 in amount of $1,116,000 for information general board approved 2009 asking budget for general fund. Let me give you that # for your information. General fund budget approved was $901,720.00 slightly increased from 2008 asking budget which totaled $891,453.00 so it’s up $10,000 over last year. Thank you very much.

Sticking with finances. Kim director of development will make presentation on annual fund campaign.

Kim:…. Will help me ….. first I want to talk about auction I told everyone bidding closed at 10 am. It has closed and I want to thank friends who came down and bid on items. Because our field staff will directly benefit from your generosity. It is really about taking care of field staff making sure they have what they need. Nativity set which was brought by Joyce will benefit her field staff account. Bidder #8 will receive that for $600.00.


And the Cains had several items they brought with them so next items will go to benefit Cains account. First of all the lovely desk set and bidder #2 will receive that for $250.00


The coaster set also to benefit Cains account bidder #6 for $100.


The cutting board one will go to bidder #7 at $225 and one bidder #2 for $225.

Last was items hand carved vase bidder 1 for … and last item auction was beautiful quilt which will benefit account for Eden Grace ministry and that is bidder 2 $900.


Terri: Now moving on to general fund campaign I won’t ask for money so you can just hear about what we did last year and what we plan for this year. You can start the thing the PowerPoint.

Last year theme was united yes and if you can’t read our shirts it is right here all over our shirts. Staff wanted you to know that in midst of vast diversity of Yearly Meeting we believe much unites us we wanted to get that message out. Last year focus was on staff so that you would have opportunity to get to know us. And this was the flier we sent out and in there had different pictures of staff then we sent these cards we talked about yesterday they were about each member of staff so you would have professional side and personal side for each staff so you could connect with staff professionally and personally.

We started to talk about this year’s campaign and remember … we wanted to move on within theme of united yes and we started to think about what Friends United Meeting was all about and we feel strongly Friends United Meeting is going places and everyone here is moving in that direction and moving requires feet most of the time. So our theme this year is around feet. And that we think we will stand for friends energizing and equipping together. We know how friends love to do that and we want to be about the doing. In talking about the things from Friends United Meeting office we want to connect with you we want to talk about doing words growing, communicating, educating, energizing, we want to invite all of you to the party connect. When you get mail from us open it and consider it, if you choose to act yes then if you choose not to then please pass it on to someone else. Open the mail.

Terri: Just because you have grown to expect …

Something extra. Are we united yes.

(forming yes)


Brent: Thank you ladies.

I will ask can we accept this report and give support to strong annual campaign.



Let’s get behind our annual campaign.

Thank you.

Friends we have received invitation to host 2011 Triennial gathering Lois…

Lois is representative of Wilmington Yearly Meeting so she will make that invitation to you.

Lois: How many had a great time this week. I will start with history lesson. At end of revolutionary war USA congress in Philadelphia had important decisions to make. One was how to treat new territory north and west of Ohio river. After much discussion it was decided there would be no slavery in northwest territory. This led many Quakers to act on belief that there is God in every person and therefore wrong to own slaves. They packed up and headed north and west. And the lure of good farm land didn’t deter them. Many of these pioneers settled southwest Ohio. Originally they were part of Baltimore Yearly Meeting then Indiana Yearly Meeting and then Wilmington Yearly Meeting was established in … these early Quaker started monthly meetings, schools developed town and … college was founded in 1875 several years before establishment of Wilmington Yearly Meeting. Wilmington college is now home peace resource center which houses historic … collection as well as doing much education on peace and ways to accomplish it. Peace center sponsored each year annual … peace symposium made possible by endowment of former trustee who was not Quaker. Another non Quaker trustee left gift to college to be used an maintained a Quaker heritage center. It now serves as museum as well as gathering place for Quaker thought and discussion. During 1800s Quakers in southwest Ohio and east TN became active in underground railroad. Many houses and farms were safe houses along path to freedom in Canada. … visited president Lincoln they were instrumental getting him to issue emancipation proclamation. This week we bask in hospitality of NC Yearly Meeting and for this we offer gratitude. Thank you. You have been there to meet our every need.


Several years ago I served on … conference board and I attended meeting lady from western Yearly Meeting Quaker gatherings are family reunions. We meet visit with friends do a little business and go home. Next Friends United Meeting Triennial next Friends United Meeting family reunion it is with pleasure that friends in east TN and southwest Ohio invite you to our part of the world to be part of the 2011 gathering of Friends United Meeting Triennial session. Come visit explore some of our rich history. Witness the living Christ in the lives of people in southwest Ohio today. Fellowship with brothers and sisters from around the world as we get to know our family members better. In Christian love Wilmington Yearly Meeting Lois …


Brent: Thank you Lois general board received invitation at February meeting and on recommendation of general board do you accept invitation to hold Triennial in Wilmington. Thank you very much.

Wayne Carter will give report on behalf of nominating committee.

Wayne: again we look forward as we consider appointment of leadership for next Triennial. Nominating committee made up representatives from each Yearly Meeting spent several sessions we won’t brag they spent 9 sessions 3 years ago we won’t say how many sessions but we worked shared and struggled reviewed needs and gifts of friends and prayed and waited upon the Lord and out of that following recommendations.

1 reading clerk has not been called into service for last several session so we suggest consideration be given to delete this office. If needed reading clerk could be appointed at beginning of session.

2 for trustees of Friends United Meeting first full 3 year term after completing unexpired terms Steve Ross of New York Yearly Meeting Clifford Winslow of NC Yearly Meeting for second 3 year term Norman Connell of western Yearly Meeting and Richard Liversidge of Baltimore Yearly Meeting that makes 6 year term appointments of 4 trustees Steve Ross, Clifford Winslow, Norman Connell and Richard L. to fill unexpired terms of … James Cradler and Michael Fulp .

3 for treasurer Friends United Meeting second term for John Norris of Indiana Yearly Meeting.

For recording clerk north America Carol Holmes of New York Yearly Meeting for recording clerk Eastern Africa James Mugalavai of EAYM … North.

5 for presiding clerk and asst presiding clerk Triennial nominating committee unable to recommend presiding clerk for have friends giving it consideration and needing time for clearance. Hold off recommending until we have presiding clerk desiring to balance these gifts in ministry therefore Triennial nominating committee willing to continue to serve until fall 2008 general board meeting if this session approves. Expecting to have recommendation at that time for both positions. And then we recommend that Gary Farlow current asst presiding clerk be appointed as interim presiding clerk to serve until and convene fall general meeting of board. In addition Triennial nominating committee makes recommendations.

1 general board consider changing name designations of recording clerk and asst recoding clerk to recording clerk north American and recording clerk Eastern Africa this will give us … to further commitment to global partnership research implications possible for FUM to legally appoint non us citizen as trustee this has legal implications we are not aware of need to research particular regarding ASHA grants. If they require all be US citizens. General board suggest they take initiate to inquire about that.

3 arrangements be made for Triennial nominating committee begin work prior to next Triennial session. This may mean appointing yearly meeting representative 6 months earlier. These are our recommendations.

Brent: Thank you very much. You heard report. More complex than has been sometimes. Let’s start consideration on whole report. Any questions or comments.

Will: I propose rather than saying I think idea of Triennial nominating committee starting before is admirable rather than saying Yearly Meeting should make nominating 6 months in advance most meet over summer we should invite them to make nominating summer before Triennial so they can make nominating in regular session.

Brent: Excellent suggestion Will.

Deana: I want to thank you nominating committee for considering that we are trying to be global friends united meeting. It touches me that you took into consideration African friends.

Brent: Thank you Deana.

Everything will be amended from report as well as will’s suggestion.

Rich: Wayne could you clarify the 4 trustees offered for reappointment to terms. I think you said 3 year terms.

Wayne; 6 year terms. Trustees appointed for 6 year terms eligible for reappointment sorry if I misspoke. Eligible for reappointment 2 vacancies. Not sure whether because of death or resignation in the one group. First group expired at this session so we recommend that general board already approved Steve Ross and Clifford Winslow to fill unexpired terms. We recommend they now be appointed for 6 year term. And that Norman Connell and Richard Liversidge be reappointed they have served 6 year term and would be reappointed apologize for my mistake.

Brent: Thank you.

Ruth: I’m half afraid to open mouth without having list of the other trustees in front of me is there any way those names can be read off particular curious to see if there are any women.

Wayne; I have those names in my case. I didn’t bring them there is one woman Betsy … is there a second I think only one.

Brent: Norman indicates there is one.

Any trustees recall the names of other 3 trustees.

Rich: The trustees terms continuing Fred Allen, Don Garner and Betsy Munch she is New England Yearly Meeting member and CPA.

Wayne; … and Don is Indiana Yearly Meeting.

Rich: Clifford Winslow is NC.

Wayne: Representation is broad across. Southeastern and Wilmington most other are represented.

Brent: Are friends ready to approve report from nominating committee for these officers to serve official capacities.


That includes approval for items for further recommendation.

Wayne; Thank you.

Brent: Approval of administrative staff for upcoming Triennial period is requirement of this Triennial gathering. Due to the … to stay within financial means we have one administrative position. On recommendation of general board it was recommended Sylvia Graves serve as general secretary for Friends United Meeting for upcoming Triennial. Any comments.

I don’t think that was necessary. Maybe welcome her back with round of (applause).


Thank you friends.

*I would just like to speak to that very action and why that is one of the reasons one of the many reasons why it is such a blessing to have Sylvia Graves as our general secretary our beloved leader. Because Sylvia Graves knows how to function in a proper role. She excuses herself when time to discuss her position among us. Thank you Sylvia Graves so much. Thank you again for your service.

Brent: Thank you.

*as a student of John Punshon he has taught us there is no such thing as a proud Quaker but I am proud to have Sylvia Graves represent us.

Brent: Thank you.

Moving on to next item on agenda message committee.

M: Friends I could never have done it alone. I want to say message committee was 6 people from very disparate Yearly Meeting I want everyone to stand. Chadrac … Doug Shoemaker Indiana , CG white and … from Great Plaines. I’m from New England Yearly Meeting.

For future I hope there are more groups like this huddled together striving to find what really is message to friends around the world. Among beautiful garden like setting of High Point NC. About 500 friends from 33 Yearly Meeting and Quaker bodies met for July 9-13 2008 Friends United Meeting Triennial. We were blessed to have attendees from every Yearly Meeting in North America and representatives from Caribbean, Rwanda, Britain and 9 Yearly Meeting in East Africa. Feel thankful for strong Kenyan presence along strong immigration prevented some and prevented Cubans.
… hope she has for future of um was visibly by hundreds of bright balloons given to friends one by one symbolizing hopes tied to boxes to life up various ministries. Landrum Bollings president emeritus presented peace lecture powerfully reminded us peace testimony arising from teachings of Jesus Christ is not sole possession of Quakers. We heard stories of peacemakers witnessing often as great personal cost. Important not to give up hope. John Punshon presented Johnson lecture and had message of hope new hope in quality of pastors in Friends United Meeting. Rich faith of friends in Eastern Africa and Latin American. Global partnership calls for new mindset shift from patronizing to mutuality where once north American friends viewed role of … new role changing to worldwide partnering with friends. Blessed with international ministry with friends. … that is something that we are expecting to happen. Morning devotional speakers Tom Hamm, John Muhanji and Joseph M. set tone for the day. Many friends found daily worship sharing groups to be source of enrichment. And workshop on variety of topics provided lively discussion. Recent years Friends United Meeting struggles with issues such as religious authority and sexuality… etc. renewed commitment to operate in fiscally responsible manner has nearly eliminated past debt. Friends United Meeting has significantly scaled back central office staff and has had to choose carefully how to best use limited resources. Support provided by member Yearly Meeting was … you were challenged by John Muhanji to contribute to Friends United Meeting with radical generosity. Mission of Friends United Meeting crucial for future of those we serve around the world. Heartfelt testimony of volunteer and field staff… hope as the gathered sensed God speaking through their words and their lives. As we look forward to next triennial we find guidance in words of George Fox have the Lord in your eye in all undertakings let your lives be as the gospel so you may answer the light and the truth in all people do not strive about outward things love of God will unite you together seek each others welfare and be helpful one to another. 1676 friends …

Brent: friends any comments on … thank you.

*I think Rwanda should be deleted and replaced with Burundi.

Brent: Any other comments. Do friends approve this message from message committee 2008 Triennial.

Thank you so much. Wide distribution of that message.

Approved with thanks and deep appreciation.

M> Is this going on the website.

Thanks for putting it up there remember the computer is mightier than the sword.

Brent: Actually everything you see on the screen will go on the blog later.

Occasionally we get wonderful opportunity to welcome a new member into family of friends this is one of those grand occasions. Having fulfilled all requirements for full membership Friends United Meeting and approved by general board our pleasure to welcome … Yearly Meeting as newest … Sylvia Graves and I visited with Yearly Meeting officers earlier this year we found this Yearly Meeting to be extremely well organized with positions of leadership filled beginning with … .who is in our presence they has office offices fully filled. They have gathering of Chwele office staff general secretary … superintendent and office secretary Phyllis … they have other board officials serving on planning committee, mission committee, finance, committee and … they have 81 village meeting s 24 monthly meeting 8 quarterly meeting with membership almost 12,000. They have 8 trained pastors and total pastors and evangelists … 31 primary schools 31 nursery schools 11 secondary school and dispensaries and maternity hospital. Our pleasure to welcome Chwele Yearly Meeting into members and Joseph if you will please come forward.

My pleasure to present to Chwele Yearly Meeting in Kenya are recognized as full member 7th month 9-12 days 2008.


Joseph: Friends I’m don’t know what to say but I’m extremely happy to be among you. Specifically to have received this on behalf of my Yearly Meeting. I’m specifically grateful to the general secretary who made it possible for me to come to this Triennial conference. Had it not been for them I would not have been here. I’m extremely happy that I’m carrying something back to my people to believe that I reached and participated.


Thank you so much.


Brent: As we near end of business session I ask John Porter superintendent of NC Yearly Meeting to please come forward we have enjoyed our time together. Lot of hard work has gone into preparations for this gathering. On behalf of Friends United Meeting John it’s my privilege and honor to present to you this plaque of appreciation expressed NC Yearly Meeting staff and volunteer for serving planning and hosting Triennial 2008 presented this 12th day 7th month 2008.


Brent: At this time I would like Kelly Kellum pastor of High Point Friends Meeting to come forward.

Kelly it goes without saying you have a beautiful campus but more than that warm welcome sincere atmosphere among us we are so thankful to you and friends at High Point Friends Meeting. On behalf of Friends United Meeting sincere and grateful appreciated expressed to High Point Friends Meeting for hosting and use of beautiful facilities. Thank you for commitment and support which has provided memorial experience this day.


Viola Britt please come forward.

Viola accepted this request and has been meeting monthly for 2 years. She has had about 40 volunteer on Saturdays untold hours of work gone to prepare for this meeting. Sincere and grateful appreciation expressed for work to prepare for this Triennial. Thank you for your work you made this memorial and rich experience presented on this day.


Sylvia Graves: I have a couple of men I want to honor also. One is my husband Dale Graves.


It has been wonderful traveling … as we checked into hotel and said we would be here for 8 nights. We haven’t slept the same bed 8 nights in a row for … commuting from Plainfield to Richmond … as you know we appreciate Brent for his years of service. When I announced to Kenyans at board meeting there that this would be last meeting Brent would preside they asked me to come back to you and ask you continue. He is appreciated everywhere among friends. We appreciate him too I have a plaque for him a photo of giraffe.


Brent: Friends thank you very much. Honor to serve as presiding clerk for these years. I have been inspired by many of friends who I am close with. There are 3 people here I want to recognize who have served as … clerk and been inspiration to me. Dan Farlow he served as presiding clerk, Clifford Winslow and Wayne Carter would you rise. He served in 1990s. any others. Is Sarah here. Wonderful Sarah Wilson served 1990-1993 I think. Please give them round of applause.


Friends at this time I would like to have memorial service program of those that have passed on been called on has been circulated for you.

… if she would come and give introduction and then we will have a time of silence as we reflect on lives of those who have contributed so much listed in the memorial book.

Linda: I was asked to share a song today. Many of you are here because of friends who were faithful to our Lord Jesus Christ who … the family of friends and communion of the leaders. Some have lost friends to violence or death. We can trust in words of Christ that have gone ahead and he has prepared a place for you. No words can express it is our hope and future as religious society of friends …

(music playing)

Why should I feel discouraged
Why should the shadows fall
Why should my … be lonely
When Jesus is my portion
My constant friend is he
His eye is on the sparrow
And I know he watches me
His eye is on the sparrow
And I know he watches me

I sing because I’m happy
I sing because I’m free
His eye is on the sparrow
And I know he watches me

Let not your heart be troubled

I lose my doubt and fears
Though … he leaded

His eye is on the sparrow
And I know he watches me
His eye is on the sparrow
And I know he watches me

I sing because I’m happy
I sing because I’m free
His eye is on the sparrow
And I know he watches me

Whenever I am tempted
Whenever …
When …

And then he sets me free
His eye is on the sparrow
And I know he cares for me
His eye is on the sparrow
And I know he cares for me

So I sing because I’m happy
And I sing because I’m free
For his eye is on the sparrow
And I know he watches me
Oh his eye is on the sparrow
And I know he watches me.

Brent: Closing minute for 2008 Triennial business session almighty God has answered our prayers. As friends return to their homes may the joys of peace, fellowship, good works, hopes, and prosperous futures be shared with many other friends and may … until we meet again. Heavenly father as we go in peace may you find us walking cheerfully in the life of Christ amen.

Sylvia Graves: May I have a moment. Thank you.

Just a couple of things we need to take care of one minor but one so important. A Kenyan friend needs to charge her phone if you have Nokia charger with small pin. We have had cheerful time this week but not trying to cover deep wounds and terrible sorrow still among some members especially Kenyan friends. There will be a healing 3 pm today focus of healing for Kenyans come 3 pm white room near the chapel for time of healing. Ok. Do you want to add anything to this.

Thank you I would like to tell my Kenyan friends I know hard to accept what happened in Kenya was too dramatic tie to face … and try to remove fears we have we should be able to talk freely so when we go home we should go home knowing we are free and ready to face challenges that are there. One way to heal and remove fear from trauma we have had.

Sylvia Graves: Workshops and then 45 minute break for healing and then workshop begin second shift. Workshops offered twice today. Thank you friends.

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god's fool said...

As Syvlia Graves announced a special healing service at the end of the business sessions, "We have had cheerful time this week, but are not trying to cover deep wounds and terrible sorrow still among some members...," my heart leapt. "Oh my stars," I thought, "acknowledgement and amends for the wounds and pain many of us present have suffered from cruel words and rude actions of Friends because we're gay. [and I meant Anglo Friends] Finally! A reach across the chasm. Finally! To have my faith and hope restored and my pain healed. Finally! Healing."

But quickly, as quickly as hope had spread across my heart, it was made clear that this healing service was for those whose wounds are visible...those who have experienced violence in more direct and obvious ways.

I walked out, saddened "for they know not what they do...."